Viral video

A shocking video has come up on Facebook in which three men are seen trying to rape a girl, while another recorded the entire incident. However, some believe it to be a film shooting.

The viral video shows three men forcing themselves on the girl. While the girl constantly screams when the men are holding her hands, another person recorded it. It all happened in an open area with bushes around.

Although the first glimpse of the video will make anyone believe that a girl is being raped by three men, there are some fishy elements in the clip as well.

The video shared by a guy named Deepak Sharma on Facebook, claimed it to be from Kerala. However, the people in the visual do not appear to be speaking in Malayalam. But the most striking aspect in the video is the person recording the video is heard saying, "Okay, cut" at the end of the video.

Many people commenting on the video, asserted that it is just a shooting for a movie, and there is nothing to be agitated about it. Nevertheless, there are many others who believe it to be real.

The video has already gone viral, with over 500 shares, and almost 90,000 views. The person who shared the video on Facebook, urged people to make it viral on social media, alleging that women from the deprived section never get justice.

International Business Times India could not verify the authenticity or the source of the video. Check the video here and decide for yourself: