Mohammad Shami has been one of the best performers for India across formats in the last two years. He has also been in the news for the troubled family life he has had. The spat between him and his wife Hasin Jahan has brought some unwanted attention. However, the fast bowler has been able to surmount those difficulties and perform splendidly.

Shami has also been targeted occasionally by radical elements in the Muslim community. On one occasion, they objected to a picture of him with his wife where the latter was wearing a sleeveless gown. The radicals are at it again, this time they have trained their guns at the international cricketer for an extremely cute picture of his daughter that he shared.

While the pacer hails from Uttar Pradesh, he plays his cricket for Bengal. Recently, the state saw celebrations of Saraswati Puja – a festival dedicated to the Goddess of learning and knowledge. The picture which Shami shared shows his daughter dressed in a yellow saree, with a tilak, and standing in front of a puja mandap.

Mohammad Shami daughter
The picture of Shami's daughter that drew the ire of some peopleInstagram

Most people who saw this photograph reacted with admiration at how cute the young girl looked. Shami's message was also admirable. He wrote along with the photograph: "Looking so sweet beta, love you so much. God bless you beta, see you soon."

But radical elements in the Muslim society didn't see the picture as cute at all and attacked the Indian pacer for letting her daughter get dressed in 'Hindu style' and celebrate a Hindu festival. But the handful of objectionable comments got drowned out in the huge support that the cricketer received from legions of fans.

Everyone seemed mesmerized by the cute photograph and showered their blessings upon the young girl and praised Shami. Some even went to the extent of describing this photograph as the symbol of a multicultural India where people belonging to various faiths live together in harmony and mutual admiration.

Mohammad Shami India World Cup 2015
Shami has been one of India's best performersReuters

"Ek hi to dil hai bhaiya, kitne Baar jeetoge (I have only one heart, how many times will you win it). #asli_indian We need more people like you, both on and off the ground," one person wrote on Shami's Instagram page. Another went to the extent of describing Shami's daughter as "Maa ka Nanha sa Rup (a little version of Mother Goddess Saraswati)."

Currently, the fast bowler is busy representing his nation in New Zealand where his team suffered a loss in the first match of a three-match series. Hopefully, Shami won't be distracted by this little episode.