In a shocking violation of safety norms, most hospitals in Gurugram do not have the fire No Objection Certificate (NOC), a fire department official said on Thursday.

All such hospitals were issued notices last month to get the NOC or face first information report (FIR) and subsequent legal action, Gulshan Kalra, Deputy Director, Technical, Fire Department, Gurugram said.

It is estimated that there are around 100 private hospitals and clinics currently operational in the city.

According to the official, 44 private hospitals in the city are operating without fire safety clearance.

What seems even more shocking is that the sole government hospital situated in the Sector 10 area has fire NOC but the fire equipment installed on the premises is not of good quality.

According to official sources, most of these institutions have not applied for fire safety clearance. Medical institutions that are operating without the NOC pose life-threatening risks to thousands of patients.


"Such places are also a threat to the general public since these units are situated in densely populated areas," the sources said.

According to law, it is mandated that any building that is 15 metres in height must renew its NOC on fire safety every year, yet most public buildings do not adhere to the rules.

According to fire department officials, the Fire Service Act was amended about eight years ago. After this, hospitals higher than 15 meters must have trained staff along with fire equipment. Hospitals with small buildings should also have NOC.

(With inputs from IANS)