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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been trying to make it work ever since his cheating scandal. But it seems like they are still taking things slow. Well at least Khloe is.

The couple isn't planning on walking down the aisle 'anytime soon,' according to Us Weekly.

'Khloé and Tristan are really focused on doing what's best for [daughter] True,' the source explains, 'They are not going to get engaged anytime soon.'

The source stressed that for the couple 'The focus right now is on whatever is best for True.'

It seems the NBA player has been working hard to 'regain' Khloe's trust since he was caught cheating with multiple women right before the birth of their daughter in April.

'Tristan is trying everything he can to regain her trust, but Khloé is spending more time in L.A. because True has so many family members and such a support system there.'

'Regaining Khloé's trust is going to take time. Tristan is a great father, but it's not yet clear if they can fully rebuild what they had. The extent of what Tristan did is still setting in. She hasn't gotten over it yet.'

Khloe Kardashian
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Though the couple is trying their hardest to put the past behind them, Khloe's sister Kim suggested her sibling was an 'idiot' for staying with the athletic love rat when they stopped by Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen with Kourtney on Monday.

During their appearance, Kourtney played WWHL's signature question-and-answer game Plead The Fifth, with Andy Cohen asking if she would have stayed with Tristan who cheated on her while pregnant.

'That's a good one,' Kim said.

'I would. I think I would,' Kourtney said as Kim pointed out that she stuck with Scott Disick 'through a lot'.

Kim then added it would have 'been so easy' for Khloe to leave him due to the perception of her, reasoning: 'It's so much harder to stay and have the whole public think you're an idiot.'

Yet Khloe didn't take the dig to heart, as she laughed off being branded an 'idiot' by her sister.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson also made an announcement that indicated that they may have a baby in 2019. But as things stand who knows what could happen with the couple. Well we hope Khloe has a better 2019.