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Navya actress Somya Seth was recently in the news when she revealed it to her fans through a cryptic Instagram post that all is not well in her married life.

On the occasion of her debut show Navya completing eight years, the actress, who lives in the US post her marriage, dropped major hints about her failed marriage including domestic violence. This left her fans worried, many of whom expressed their concerns in her post.

And now, Somya has posted another message where she has informed her fans that she is safe and will be returning to India soon. Besides this, the actress also stressed that she would like to see everyone safe and hence insisted on using a specific website for identity verification, which gives out details of one's background including criminal records. Towards the end of her long post, Somya said that she wished she knew about the website before leaving India, hinting that her husband had a foul background and that she trusted him blindly.

In her long post, Somya wrote, "Thank you for the support. You guys have always been my blessings. Each and every one of you. I might be far away and not able to reply you all but please know I am grateful!! I promise I will be strong!! I will be back!! I'd like to see everyone safe hence I'd like you to know that there are resources you should use before you trust anyone. When I was at safe house I learnt about these websites that offer info about people who live in the county and the crimes they have committed in the past. One such website is Because of this I know exactly the kind of people I am dealing with. It's easy inexpensive and 100% worth it. I wish I knew about this before I left India for the first time. Trust but verify!!"

Somya tied the knot with her American-born fiancé Arun Kapoor on January 15, 2017. She met Arun in the US when she was on a long break from television and had moved to the country before making a comeback with historical show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. Later in November, the same year, the actress announced the arrival of her son, Ayden.

Somya Seth
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