Shivalika Oberoi

Beautiful, gorgeous and talented actress Shivaleeka Oberoi is predominantly known for her work in Bollywood films. Oberoi made her on-screen film debut with the romantic thriller Yeh Saali Aashiqui which garnered her a Filmfare nomination for Best Female Debut.

Her second film which was a digital release Khuda Hafiz opposite Vidyut Jammwal has garnered rave reviews from the fans and the critics. Shivaleeka is over the moon at the moment first because everyone has been praising the actress not only for her acting skills but also for her innocence and charm. The actress is monikered as the new national crush of India. 

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Shivaleeka Oberoi spoke at length about being monikered as the new 'national crush', how she looks at her career from here on and who does she crush on in real life.

Shivaleeka Oberoi

Excerpts from the interview:

On being monikered as the national crush of India

This term the national crush was obviously the goal I wanted to achieve, at least once in my life. And I am glad that I was coined as the national crush of India in my second film. It's the fans who make the film and your character successful. Hearing so many good things about you, as well as the appreciation that my film Khuda Hafiz has got simply warms my heart. In fact, the term National crush is very close to my heart, Preeti (Kiara Advani in the film Kabir Singh) was the crush in 2019 and now Nargis (her screen name) is the recent crush in 2020.

How much do you resonate to your character in real life?

I'm from Mumbai, and in the film, I play the role of a girl who is from Lucknow, and people thought I'm from Lucknow as I have donned the role so effervescently. When I was 15-16 years old, I was very naïve and innocent. I think every girl at that age is naïve and innocent and every girl goes through this phase at a certain stage of her life. So to get into the skin of the character I heard stories from my grandmother. My mom never met my dad, they saw each other and met for a few minutes and within 10 days they got married. This is what happens in the film, Nargis meets Samir, they get married. I derived and took the inspiration from my parents and people around me.

Shivalika Oberoi

How tough will it be for you to maintain this tag of 'National Crush'?

It will be difficult, the film Khuda Hafiz is a blockbuster. Being coined as the national crush just in my second film is something I didn't even imagine. Having said that, this is a milestone, I have a lot to achieve, I have a responsibility and but there is no pressure. I want to do better.

Manchuri Dixit, Ranveer Singh and Shraddha Kapoor

Who do you have a crush on?

Ranveer Singh, oh! I am crushing on him since his first film Band Baja Baraat released (gushes).In fact, if there is one actor whom I want to work with is him.

Next is Madhuri Dixit, no one can replace her, her dance, expressions do the taking so for me she is all be my girl crush. In the newer lot, I like Shraddha Kapoor she has a personality that everyone can approach her or would talk to her. She comes across as a very friendly and jovial person.

Are you friendly and outgoing?

I'm extremely approachable, even on social media if my fans ask me for  a suggestion or have a query like' we want to get into acting line'. I give them advice and ensure that I appreciate and reply to them. I reply to all the fan comments and even like their work on social media. If they have made fan art or a collage, I like it and thank them for doing so. At times I reshare stories. I always like to appreciate my fans art and talent, after all, they are investing their time in making something for me. After the success of Khuda Hafiz, a lot of people have started recognising me.

Shivaleeka Oberoi

Sharing an incident, she said:

I went for grocery shopping and had worn a mask, a person approached me and asked me if I am the same actress from the film Khuda Hafiz, hearing that I felt good that now people are recognising me with mask too. 

In fact on the personal front, I have limited friends. A group of three to four friend whom I talk and share everything.

Shivaleeka Oberoi

What kind of roles are you looking at now?

In my first film, I went all out, I essayed to the role of a very outgoing girl. While in Khuda Hafiz as Nargis I had to tone down myself. I never shy away from portraying different roles. From biopic to international rom-com to comedy films I am open to all sorts of roles and characters. I'm not stuck to any particular genre. 

Shivaleeka Oberoi

What adjectives describe you the most?

I would say hardworking, and humble.