Shimla is facing a water crisis.wikimedia commons/Biswarup Ganguly

The World Bank has given a nod to a financial aid of Rs 929.89 crore for a water supply and sewerage project for Shimla, the Himachal Pradesh Urban Development and Country Planning Minister Sarween Chaudhary confirmed on Thursday.

According to a written reply by the minister to the assembly, the final discussion for the loan sanction will be held on October 24. Further, the state capital has around six sources of potable water, including Gumma and Giri rivers. At present, the total water supply capacity of Shimla is 54 million litres per day.

While giving a reply to a question of Congress' first-time legislator Vikramaditya Singh, Sarween stated that there was a need to increase the Gumma water source from the Sutlej river, especially during the summers, as per IANS report. In addition, construction of dams on the Giri river and installation of filter units in 13 bouries was required to ensure a regular water supply.

Water crisis in Shimla

In June, Shimla had faced the worst water crisis, leaving both locals and tourists in a tumultuous situation. The Shimla Summer Festival, 2018 was cancelled by the office of the deputy commissioner and the state government also closed schools for an entire week.

Also, politicians, locals and activists came out to the streets to voice their anger, and a desperate man even warned the government that he would immolate himself.

The Municipal Corporation had disconnected the water connections of more than 40 hotels due to non-payment of bills. Further, the city has a population of nearly 2,00,000, which requires 42 million litres of water per day. However, the city was only getting 30-32 MLD on an average every day and most of the towns were getting water once in eight days in summers.