Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty (left), Sachiin Joshi (right)
Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty (left), Sachiin Joshi (right)IANS/IB Times

Businessman Raj Kundra and actor Sachiin Joshi have got into a big spat with regard to Indian Poker League. The duo has accused each other of fraud, and the brawl has now reached the court.

Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra, who had launched Indian Poker League last year, alleged that Sachiin bought a team in the tournament, but defaulted on payments worth Rs 40 lakh. On the other side, Sachiin accused Raj of rigging the tournament by ensuring a particular team's victory, for which the former backed out from the league.

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"Yes, we have sent legal notice to Sachiin Josh. He has been terminated from the Match Indian Poker League for defaulting on payments, as his cheque for Rs 40 lakh has bounced. During the launch of his team Goa King's he took full advantage of the publicity events. However, after the event he avoided my calls and messages. I thought he was a friend. I am completely disappointed," Kundra told Mumbai Mirror.

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Sachiin's representative responded to the allegations with other accusations that includes rigging of Indian Poker League.

"Raj Kundra initiated a poker tournament by the name of Match IPL and around 10 teams were formed. There were commitments made which weren't delivered. When we got to know that the tournament was rigged for a specific team to win, we withdrew our participation and did not sign any agreement. We made sure that the payments don't clear as there was nothing to pay for and also informed other partners that we are out of this fraudulent tournament. We are pursuing this legally and will make sure that this goes through the right justice channels," Manoj Asrani, Group CMO of Joshi's firm Viiking Ventures told the publication.

Meanwhile, the duo got into an ugly Twitter spat regarding this issue. Both Raj and Sachiin started mudslinging each other on the micro-blogging site. This fight between the two has certainly got too nasty. Check the tweets below:

Asrani further accused Raj of making "Ponzi schemes" and said that he has been making false accusations in attempt to cover up his fraudulent acts. Meanwhile, president of International Federation of Match Poker , Patrick Nally has rubbished the allegations of the game being rigged.

In a statement, he demanded an apology from Sachiin, and stated that he would have to take legal action if the actor fails to issue an apology,