Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra once again became proud parents to their baby girl Samisha who was born through surrogacy on February 15, 2020. They also have a 7-year-old son Viaan who was conceived naturally.

But why did Shilpa and Raj opt for surrogacy? Shilpa revealed that she suffered from an autoimmune disease called APLA, which led to a couple of miscarriages.

"After Viaan, I did want to have another child for the longest time. But I suffered from an autoimmune disease called APLA and that came into play every time I get pregnant. So I had a couple of miscarriages so it was a genuine issue," Shilpa Shetty told Pinkvilla.

Shilpa Shetty, son Viaan, daughter Samisha, husband Raj Kundra
Shilpa Shetty, son Viaan, daughter Samisha, husband Raj KundraInstagram

Shilpa further said that she also tried adoption but things didn't go as planned. "I didn't want Viaan to grow up as a single child, because I'm also one of two and I know how important it is to have a sibling. Coming from that thought, I did explore other ideas as well but that didn't pan out well. At a time when I wanted to adopt, I had put in my name and everything was underway. But then, the Christian missionary shut down because they had a tiff with Kara. I waited for nearly four years and then, I was so irritated and we decided to try the surrogacy route," she said adding that Samisha was born after three attempts.

'Managing two kids an uphill task'

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty with her son ViaanShilpa Shetty - Instagram

Amid the lockdown, Shilpa is glad that she is getting to spend time with her children but says keeping her kids entertained through the day is an uphill task.

"Owing to my erratic working hours, I am grateful that the lockdown has given me more time to spend with my family, especially my kids, so I can't complain," Shilpa said.

"But, I do agree that sometimes it is an uphill task to manage two kids and keep my seven-year-old entertained through the day, for days on end considering we are very strict on screen time being on weekends only," added the actress.