Has cricketer Shikhar Dhawan ended his eight-year marriage with Ayesha Mukerji? The couple has not confirmed it, but there are strong indications of their divorce.

Shikhar Dhawan, Ayesha Mukerji Marriage Ends
Shikhar Dhawan, Ayesha Mukerji Marriage Ends?Twitter

The recent posts of Ayesha Mukerji have triggered the rumours of them parting ways. Her last two posts on Instagram were all about divorce. Thus giving a strong indication of the couple ending their eight-year marriage.

In a post that Ayesha posted a day ago, she has written in length about her experience of being two-time divorce which clearly reveals that their marriage has ended. The message read:


, ???
So many women that I work with either fear the loss of friendships or are experiencing loss of relationships while going through a divorce or after a divorce.

Have you?

If you have, I just want you to know that it's NORMAL.....
Do not think or feel you are alone going through this or there is something wrong with you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and sometimes things and people fall away from your life because they no longer align with who you are.

1️⃣Many relationships break down because they were based on you being a couple

2️⃣Many friendships breakdown because they feel awkward and uncomfortable with the circumstances and think they have to pick sides

3️⃣Many relationships die off because they were not that solid to begin with

4️⃣Many friendships break because there might be a judgment on the concept of divorce itself

5️⃣Many relationships end because you both have outgrown each other genuinely

There are many reasons for relationships changing and breaking down. It's best to not judge the people rather accept it's a normal part of change and growth.

Once you get this, then you allow for....

♥️New relationships to enter into your life

♥️New friendships to blossom

♥️Older relationships to be even deeper

♥️New communities and tribes to show up

♥️A deeper relationship with yourself

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In the latest post too, Ayesha Mukerji has spoken about handling life after divorce.


Funny how words can have such powerful meanings and associations. I experienced this first hand as a divorcee. The first time I went through a divorce I was soooooooo fu@kn scared. I felt like I had failed and I was doing something so wrong at that time.

I felt as if I had let everyone down and even felt selfish. I felt that I was letting my parents down, I felt that I was letting my children down and even to some extent I felt as if I was letting God down. Divorce was such a dirty word.

So now imagine, I have to go through it a second time. Woooahhhhhh. That is terrifying. Being divorced once before already, felt like I had more at stake the second time round. I had more to prove. So when my second marriage broke down it was really scary. All the feelings I felt when I went through it the first time came flooding in. Fear, failure and disappointment x 100. What does this mean for me? How does this define me and my relationship to marriage?

Well, once I went through the necessary actions and emotions of what had happened I was able to sit with myself and see that I was fine, I was actually doing great, even noticed my fear had totally disappeared. The remarkable thing is I actually felt much more empowered. I realised my fear and the meaning I gave to the word divorce was my own doing.

So, once I realised this I started to redefine the word and the experience of divorce according to the way I wanted to see it and experience it.

❤️Divorce means choosing myself and not settling and sacrificing my own life for the sake of a marriage

❤️Divorce means even though you do your best and try your best things sometimes do not work out and that's ok

❤️Divorce means I have had amazing relationships that have taught me great lessons to carry forward in new relationships

❤️Divorce means I am stronger and more resilient than I ever thought

❤️Divorce really means whatever meaning you give to it.

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Aesha Mukerji, a Bengali, is a trained kick-boxer settled in Australia. Shekhar Dhawan, reportedly, fell in love with her after stumbled upon her profile on Facebook. They got engaged in 2009 after convincing his family.

Three years later, they tied the knot and have a son named Zoravar.

Aesha has two daughters from her previous marriage.