Telugu film "Sher" directed by Mallikarjun features Kalyan Ram and Sonal Chauhan in lead roles, while Vikramjeet Virk plays the supporting character.

"Sher" is an action entertainer written Diamond Ratna Babu. The film tells the story of a person who takes revenge from the people who killed his brother. The film looks like a complete package of drama, emotions, romance and action, but it remains to be seen whether "Sher" has managed to impress critics and audiences .

"Sher" is one of the awaited Telugu films of 2015 as it features Kalyan. The film is said to repeat the success of his film "Pataas". Makers of the film have managed to generate the buzz with the trailer, songs of "Sher" and huge promotion.

SHER Audio Launch in Photos

The buzz is very positive, which should help its box office collection.

And the early viewers report suggest that the morning shows have opened to good response in theaters. According to viewers, the film has an entertaining first half filled with punch lines and second half with action.

Several moviegoers took to Twitter to talk about the movie, Kalyan's entry in the film and the storyline. Here is the live update of "Sher" movie review by audience.

Z RAVITEJA REDDY ‏@massmaharaaj

Bala krishna ntr scene whistles theater lo #sher... #Sher brahmi entry super

venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#Sher 1st half Hit... Comedy is good and BGM is impressive...Kalyan Ram entry was extraordinary...Waiting for 2nd half... #Sher 2nd half decent but last 25min routine and dragged out.Overall average to above average...Kalyan Ram makes a decent movie after Pataas

Venkat Kondeti ‏@venkatpazzo

A paisa vasool entertainer. #Sher's story is better than pataas. Loved it :-) Highlights 1.Story 2.Screenplay 3.Kalyanram's action 4. Comedy 5. @sonalchauhan7 glamour 6. @MusicThaman 7.Runtime #Sher #GoodMovie #3.5

#KNS™|Thalaivaa ‏@Urs_KNS

#Sher - Good 1st Half & Average 2nd Half!! #Proddutur Talk!!! Over All Average+ Movie!! Congrats @NANDAMURIKALYAN Anna

WWMT ‏@BeHappyQuotes2u

Yet another routine rotta #sher ..Want difft stories .. Want diift films like athadokkaide NKR

Nìshí Srèé Täråk ‏@NishiTarak9999

#Sher premier updates. Champesina nandamuri sher entry. @MusicThaman Re-recording whistles

Mαнεsн ғαη ‏@Superstardevote

#SHER highlights : Story , Screenplay , Kalyanram acting , Comedy , sonalchauhan glamour , good release... final verdict : Above avg

Tollywood Reviews ‏@kalyanathidhi

Showtime #Sher at @AsianCinemas_ Very less occupancy....strange that the movie after #Pataas is having very less occupancy...

swetha ‏@swasrocking50

@NANDAMURIKALYAN @tarak9999 Congraxs Movie is awesome rocking then pataas. 2 back2back hits congraxs @sonalchauhan7 #Sher is rocking. You are dam good in acting and dances

Arawind ‏@Areddy207

Watching #Sher within first 45mins 3 song's completed n @kamlakarkintu is feeling frustrated

Ramu ‏@RamuMakkena

One more entertainer from @NANDAMURIKALYAN thank you... Nice entertainment #SHER simple straight comedy

sundeep ‏@sunny438

Showtime #Sher... Boring #Sher, Below avg first half #sher, Flop disa ga #sher Done. Below avg #Sher

Balayya✴Ramayya ‏@RaviAKP

Done with 1st half .. #NKR looks and 1st and 2nd song onscreen #Sher... Album lo my favorite song Naina naina onscreen also gud .. #Sher


#sher - ippude sudatam jarigindi, asalu aa dir gadu em seppadoo, aa script lo em nacchindo ediki, cinema lo oka 3 joker villans 1/2 #sher - main villan kalyan ram amma ni tammudni chapestadu, 3 joker villans lo 1 villan kalyan ram lover ni love sestadu - 2/2 #sher - oka pakka lover ni dakinchukoni, revenge terukune goppa kadha mana sher. disaster - 0.5/5

ntr2ntr_FC ‏@ntr2ntr_FC

#Sher Full Family And Comedy Entertainer..Evry one Go And Watch the Mvi,enjoy this Weekend.+ Points.Kalyan Anna Awsm Actin,, (1/2) Comedy ,, Back Ground Music,, Dance..Direction.-ve Points.2 or 3 Boring Scenes,Music...Blockbuster Sher.Don't Miss It.Rating 3.25/5 (2/2)

నాన్నకు ప్రేమతో... ‏@VenkateshVijaya

1st half over.. Entertainer.. #NKR heroism Mandu ramesh Raghu gang comedy highlight.. Posani inka noru vippaledu.. Sonalchouhan

RaW EMoTiOnS ‏@RaaviSaiKiran

1st half done.... Nothing into story till now..... Simple comedy nd good songs..... Way far from #pataas...... #Sher... #Sher totally disappointed... Total crappie. #Puli #Tiger #Sher are the synonyms of disasters...

Das CH ‏@chs_dass

#Sher 1st half except for songs nothing is there in the film..torture..sonal chauhan looks good. #Sher dont even dare to lo undede muppay mandi andulo sagam 2nd half madyalo walk out...songs and run time relief

SHER ‏@VarmaViews

#Sher movie Just average @NANDAMURIKALYAN anna ilanti outdated directors meedha neeku jaali untey oka business pettinchu movies ivvodhu

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@SidManchikant

If eating routine Upma daily is you always hate , #Sher movie is like that routine Upma even ruined more and more . alyan ram,if you have lot of Jaali on directors oka mobile recharge shop petinchandi kani movie enduku? Headache guaranteed .. Avoid #Sher