Director Krish's Telugu movie "Kanche" starring Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal in the lead roles has garnered positive reviews from the audience.

"Kanche" is a 2015 Telugu war drama film, which has also got an interesting love story. Besides direction, Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi has also written the story and screenplay for the movie, while Sai Madhav Burra has penned the dialogues. The audience, who have watched the film, are all praise for Krish's work and they claim that his script is the first hero of the flick.

Set in the backdrop of World War II, "Kanche" revolves around the love story of Dhupati Hari Babu (Varun Tej), a guy from middle class family, who falls in love with Seeta Devi (Pragya Jaiswal). What makes Hari Babu become a soldier forms the crux of the story.

The viewers say that Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal have done brilliant performances and their chemistry is one of the main highlights of the film. The movie has rich production values and Gnansekhar's cinematography and Chirantan Bhatt's music are the biggest attractions in the technical front.

Many film goers took to their Twitter pages to share their verdict on the movie. We bring to you some unique comments from Twitter. Here is the live update of Kanche movie review by audience:

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#Kanche 1st half hit...Very different from regular movies...loving it waiting for 2nd half #Kanche 2nd half blockbuster...Climax is superb and heart touching...Thank you and congrats @IAmVarunTej @DirKrish Overall Blockbuster!!!

LA Telugu ‏@latelugu

#Kanche First half completed in LA A superb 50 mins.#prideofTFI Thanks @DirKrish for not treating audience as mindless morons #refreshing #Kanche A #terrific movie with remarkable performances loved the way @dirkrish combined drama emotion and romance A must watch #Kanche highlights Top notch Dialogues Appealing characters A Story that touches your heart Excellent BGM First rate Production values #kanche Sai Madhav Burra - A gem of a dialogue writer #Outstanding Prema Yuddham lo kooda vuntundi Ekkadaina Prema Yuddham lagane vuntundi #Kanche Mission accomplished 3.5/5 @iamvaruntej is here to stay Pragya,Gollapudi,Janaki characters are sure to strike a chord Art #superb

CultFan ‏@filmyfr30309707

Loved #Kanche to the core. Fantastic visuals and Krish is the master of emotional films. Superb performances by Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal

Dinesh somala ‏@somala_dinesh

I bet anyone can never distinguish #kanche to a hollywood in technical values too Way to go tfi #Kanche Want this film to do well coz it will be a perfect example that audience are fedup with routine stuff.will enlighten the makers #Kanche Every word spoken by the main leads are with utmost extra fittings.climax is a biggest asset.runtime is a major plus. #Kanche

Paramesh ‏@ParameshwarRao

Awesome movie. Excellent execution with village & war background from 1936. Increasing the standards of TFI after baahubali #Kanche

Naveen C Singh ‏@go4ncsingh

#Kanche is a class film, High prod values, good content, nice songs & Bg score & terrific acting. TFI in d right direction. to Krish. Hats off to @DirKrish for a daring attempt in TFI with @IAmVarunTej. Except 4 long war scenes, #kanche is awesome. TFI shud be proud 2day.

Shashank ‏@shasha1495

#kanche 1st half @DirKrishKrish nailed itfews scenes wil shw his directn prowess a scene whr German girl comes out naked 2 save soldiers

Naveen ‏@Naveen5665

Good First Half.. @DirKrish's Show @IAmVarunTej Did Decent.. DOP n BGM Superb... Spl Mention To Sai Madhav Burra Dailogues #Kanche

AbsoluteTeluguCinema ‏@AbsoluteCinemas

Just Watched #Kanche ..Extraordinary Movie in Telugu Industry.Hats off to your dialogues @DirKrish sir.@IAmVarunTej. #Kanche Congratulations @DirKrish garu for giving wonderful movie and massive hit..@IAmVarunTej ,@DirKrish

Arnav ‏@california9088

@IAmVarunTej Done watching #kanche here in Los Angeles; don't have enough word of respect to@DirKrish . You guys took TFI to all new levels

ãbhïshÄ"k4U ‏@abhishekreddyR

Edo undi ala ala,konchem baga konchem boring ga.#Kanche 1at half. 2nd half kasta disappointing except climax.Superb climax.varunTej gud,dialogs chala bagunnai.#Kanche Ee movie lo War episodes bagyntai anukunte,village scenes bagunnai.Heroine also gud.#Kanche Do watch #Kanche for their daring attempt,some gud scenes,dialogs and gud performances.Also for 1st song.


War visuals are very well shot #Kanche #Kanche .. Good 1st half with brilliant visuals #Kanche is a good worthy film..Must appreciate Krish for his work..Varun did justice for the role..Visuals are too god..2nd half is bit slow

Chandra ‏@d_bob__

#Kanche It is a stereotypical movie! Great effort to portrait war based movie! Flash back was neatly sketched!! Actors best performance 1/2 #Kanche Background music for the war scenes are not up to mark!! Directors mark..can't be count on with others Good movie.. #Kanche haribabu oo goppa manavadu...goppa premikudu..goppa sainukudu...goppa snehitudu @IAmVarunTej

Krish mellempudi ‏@MELLEMPUDIS

#‎Kanche: As a movie lover, personally I feel these are the type of movies that have to be encouraged.I know this movie won't be a commercial success but director Krish makes everyone something to think about! Top notch performance from varun tej, his dialogue delivery is simply superb, take a bow music director-awesome BGM! Finally, go and watch "Kanche movie", if ur fed up with routine commercial movies!!

Prathyushareddy ‏@prathyushan

#Kanche Must watch. Amazing screenplay&visuals, hats off @DirKrish.Great acting@IAmVarunTej .Such movies must be made more often in Telugu.

Author ‏@rocking_n 40m40 minutes ago

First half very good. Varun Tej long way to go. Intermission block was the best #Kanche Ekkada over ledhu. Apt scenes. Liked the screenplay a lot. #Kanche Screenplay is the hero of the movie. Probably the best movie of the year #Kanche

Chaitzzz ‏@cz516

Village Story - Classic Story telling!! Excellent co-ordination of art, music , performance and cinematography. Vintage! #Kanche Italian girl saving scene - Vintage! #Kanche Interval Goosebumps! Music and Scene Elevation #Kanche First war scene - Not good #Kanche Dupati HariBabu Salute!! Classic!! Superb Emotional Climax. #Kanche is next Gen Telugu Film. Pride of Telugu Cinema. TFI Takewa! Thanks Sir @DirKrish for #Kanche Hope and wish #PragyaJaiswal will become the next big thing in Tollywood. #Kanche

Swagath ‏@Swagath_smile

Dhupati Hari babu( @IAmVarunTej ) , @DirKrish , #SaiMadhavBurra I salute you peopleâœ' A path breaking film #PrideofTfi #Kanche @IAmVarunTej 's dialogue delivery, voice modulationCan't imagine any one in Dhupati Haribabu role except him. He just lived in it #Kanche #PragyaJaiswal is beautiful and acted well, and every team did very well. Thank you @DirKrish for one more classic movie #Kanche

BVS Ravi ‏@BvsRavi

#Kanche a must watch brilliant attempt.Kudos @IAmVarunTej u r a big star in making.Ur unique screen presence says it all.congrats @DirKrish

Ajay Chaitanya ‏@ajayaja143

While in press meet, @DirKrish used to say it is about kanche b/w human heart relating #WW2, I wonder how he connects both? But after watching #kanche @DirKrish perfectly related love and war with his unique style of dialogues loved it and @IAmVarunTej impressed

Santosh ‏@santoshnaidu99

#kanche is good movie with good production values and good screen presence. Diagloues and war scenes superb

RaW EMoTiOnS ‏@RaaviSaiKiran

#Kanche superbly executed periodic movie...... War sequence has been shot well....... But not for masses... 3.5/5.

SuкÑ"ѕн ρσÑ'â""αâ"¢ ‏@smartsukesh

@DirKrish with his #Kanche touches the lives and makes us wonder if we have really grown as a society from the past 70 years. #fb

Sudheer Telaprolu ‏@Alwayssudher

#Kanche Movie Chala Bhagundhi Dialogues Top Notch,DOP Kirak,Direction & Screen Play Superb @IAmVarunTej Performance excellent #KancheAnEpic #Kanche : Plus:@IAmVarunTej + Direction @DirKrish + Screenplay + BGM+WAR SCENES + EMOTIONS Minus:404 Error Not Found

Poorna Pradeep ‏@PoornaPradeep1

#Kanche Loved it Guts undali ilanti oka script attempt cheydaniki @DirKrish Top notch cinematography Lead pair acting simply perfect

Vinodvarma ‏@avgkvarma

#kanche-a outstanding movie.Awestruck with the movie.This kind of movies comes once in a life time.Kudos to the whole team. #kanche movie result will define whether Telugu film audience have moved on from routine movie to different content movies.I believe change.

K SURESH ‏@SureshkasettyK

Excellent acting by @IAmVarunTej and brilliant direction @DirKrish and marvellous job done by whole #kanche team congratulations

N Vikas ‏@Nvikasroy

#kanche superb movie... 2nd half koncham slow vundi.... 3.75/5.. Varun & heroine excellent

Saurab Hari ‏@Saurab_Hari

#Kanche - Done with first half. Krish and Varun Tej are here. Claps all over the hall for interval episode #Kanche in a word is Awesome. Slow at times but a brave and bold attempt which no other filmmaker except @DirKrish could think of #Kanche - A completely reformed Varun Tej steals the show. Take a bow @IAmVarunTej

BossIsBack ‏@IAm_Ajaykumar

#Kanche genuine movie loved it kudos to @IAmVarunTej @DirKrish classy screenplay. full of emotions ultimate war scenes Must watched #Kanche

Varakala_Rameshbabu ‏@varakalaramesh

#Kanche Good Movie, Gollapudi & Sreenivas Avasarala Characters were Superb Sai Madhav Did a Fabulous Job. @DirKrish & Sirivennella Gaaru #Kanche good movie, @IAmVarunTej performance excellent, @DirKrish brilliant work

Kalidas ‏@kalidas_sp

#Kanche first half excellent . war scenes ayithe superb ..take a bow Krish you are a gem in TFI _/_

CinemaSurfer ‏@SurfTidalWave

#Kanche first half good .. Varun dance , the less we talk the better . Pragya

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

Genuine film, kudos to #Krish & Varun tej, Those People who always criticize Telugu films, plz go watch and take ur words back#Kanche

Srinivas donthireddy ‏@dontireddi

#kanche Good Movie With Great Emotions Carried By @DirKrish. Briliant Acting By @IAmVarunTej In his 2 Movie.

Dhoni the leader ‏@viswanth183

Personally loved the movie #Kanche @IAmVarunTej dialogue delivery and expressions are good . Actor in making

Chaitanya Krishna ‏@krrish2791

@IAmVarunTej Stunning Visuals.. Extraordinary Screen Play.. Ease In Acting.. #Kanche..

!ÔµÉ'ɾմղՏÉ'վՏ! ‏@itZmetarun

#kanche wow.. A masterpiece probably the best screenplay in recent films nd the best movie from Krish

UrsHarsha ‏@4MrHarsha

#Kanche must watch one!! Nice work by krish

Srinivas Panthangi ‏@srinupanthangi

showtime #Kanche .. never seen visuals and never experienced emotions on Telugu Cinema !!!

Cinema masthi ‏@Cinemamasthi

Colorful canvas #kanche Dailogs by varun too good One of the best war scene i have scene #kanche 2nd song colorful. #kanche. oru yeraindhi Beautiful scene change #kanche nice screenplay Intervel. Matalevu. #kanche #Kanche just wow. #varuntej best performance and direction tooooooo good. #krish super. ‏@M4MalliGadu

#Kanche War visulas are good. Movie is engaging till now. #Kanche Done with first half. No dull moments so far and engaging. Stunning visuals. Clear screenplay

BollyFools ‏@BollyFools

#Kanche First Half Report: Part 1, 4/5,great concept,good direction,dialogues,photography and acting. All around balanced 1st half #Kanche Review: 3.25/5, started great but weak 2nd half dropped the ball but still a good watch for effort. Video review to follow! @BollyFools #Kanche review: there is n't much depth to story after 30 mins into 2nd half and movie dragged with it's limited tools and fell

Cinema Updates ‏@cinema_updates

#kanche - interval. Ok movie. Dialogues are good. Movie is not that great to rush and watch it in theaters. Hoping 2nd half to be good. #kanche - 2nd half going on and on and on. Slow nartion. #kanche - 2, 3 good scenes, some good dialogues here and there. Except these it really tests the patience. #kanche - war scenes are not upto the mark. Weakest film from krish. Expected a lot after seeing the trailer but disappointed with the movie

Shooter ‏@Direct_Shooter

Its not a movie, its a documentary with several lessons embedded in it. One'll badly need entertainment aftr a heavy class like this #Kanche