The Sheena Bora murder case is getting murkier with each passing day as multiple revelations by people connected to the victim bring forth new information against the main accused Indrani Mukherjea, wife of ex-Star India TV CEO Peter Mukherjea.

Mikhail Bora, Indrani's son from a previous marriage and Sheena's brother, has claimed that he was probably his mother's next target.

While speaking with the media on Thursday, Mikhail claimed a property dispute posed a threat to him. "There is a property issue. Maybe I am a target to get this house. By killing me and my grandparents they will get the house," ANI quoted Mikhail as saying.

Mikhail, who stays with his grandparents (Indrani's parents) in Guwahati, said that their house is in the name of his grandmother Durga Rani Bora. According to one of their neighbours, Indrani wanted to transfer the Guwahati house to her name.

"A couple of years ago, Mikhail came to our house and told us that Indrani was trying to get her parents' property transferred to her name, and sought our advice. We had nothing to say because Indrani is their only daughter," The Indian Express quoted the neighbour as saying.

Mikhail even claimed that he has evidence to prove that Indrani murdered his sister, but he refused to make it public at this stage. "I have evidence – it is conversation between Peter M and Sheena. I have photographs too, including Rahul," he said. 

However, while talking to The Indian Express, he contradicted himself as to the cause for Sheena's alleged murder. 

"I know there is something else behind this murder. It is not about property or money. But let her admit it first. If she does not admit it, then I will speak out at the appropriate time... I know a lot of things which I will disclose later. I don't want to say why I won't disclose it now... " Mikhail said.

"When you see those pictures, you will understand exactly what must have happened that led to Sheena's murder... I strongly believe Indrani Mukerjea can commit a murder. She may have murdered Sheena herself, or may have engaged another person. But I am sure it was she who killed my sister," he added.

Mikhail further revealed that Peter had always known that Sheena and he were Indrani's children, not siblings. Peter had earlier said that Indrani had introduced the duo to him as her siblings, not her children.

The alleged murder came to light when the Mumbai police were investigating Indrani's driver Shyam Manohar Rai in another case. During the interrogation, he reportedly confessed to murdering Sheena Bora

On Wednesday, the Mumbai police also detained Sanjeev Khanna, Indrani's ex-husband, in Kolkata for questioning. He was later arrested and was produced before an Alipore court in Kolkata, on Thursday. Khanna is the third accused in the Sheena murder case.

In the meantime, Mumbai police also questioned Peter Mukherjea and his son (from ex-wife) Rahul Mukherjea, who was allegedly in a relationship with Sheena before her death. During the investigation, it was also revealed that both Peter and Indrani disapproved of their relationship.

Three days have passed since the Sheena murder case came to light, but it still remains a mystery why was she murdered and who all were involved.