Ankita Lokhande Apologises To Mom-In-Law Ranjana Jain
Ankita Lokhande Apologises To Mom-In-Law Ranjana JainInstagram

Pavitra Rishta fame Ankita Lokhande along with her husband Vicky Jain were part of Bigg Boss 17, the couple were at loggerheads and fought over trivial issues. There were times when Ankita and Vicky became extremely abusive and they even reconsidered their marriage.

Ankita in jest tried to kick Vicky which didn't go down well with Vicky's mother. Ankita even tried to throw a slipper at Vicky when she was angry. The fight culminated over Vicky's closeness towards other contestants. During the family week, Ankita and Vicky's mother entered the house for a day in BB 17 house and told them that they should be mindful of their behaviour and fights.

Ankita on Vicky Jain's mother's statements against her

Ankita's mother-in-law told her that her father-in-law rang up her mother and asked whether she also hit her deceased husband. This didn't go down well with Ankita and she told her mother-in-law to not involve her family members.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain
Vicky parties [left], Ankita cries [right]Instagram

The actor wasn't well during the finale shoot and hence refrained from giving interviews. Addressing her mother-in-law's behaviour and comments, Ankita said, "To date, people have made their assumptions, they have said what they had to, I am not going to stop them since whatever happened that time was in front of everyone. It is a family matter for me if certain things were told to me, I know her intention was not that.."

She added, "My mother-in-law is just like me, she will tell you things to your face, but her intentions were not bad. As far as the negative image of the family is concerned, I am here to protect that now. I want to state that I have always been very happy in that house. Even today I am very happy, and it will be the same in the future too. There is nothing I can do about what people have to say. She saw Vicky cry for the first time; he is a very strong man, but when she saw that, her heart sank. So maybe that is why she said all those things. But it doesn't matter, after I came back, we met and there were no questions or discussions, it is all sorted. I cannot disrespect her by bringing that up again, we both have moved on from that."

At the finale, Vicky's mother asked Ankita to promise that she would never do such a show that would spoil the reputation of their family.