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Zachary Levi's Shazam! the movie was released earlier today and within a few hours, the movie made its way to the illegal download world.

As of now, the movie is currently available on all the famous torrent websites. At the moment, the movie's CAM and 720p prints are being illegally downloaded by several fans and there are predictions that within a couple of days, the HD and Full-HD prints will also be accessible online to download.

Over the years, a lot has been done to stop the piracy but the hackers somehow manage to make the Hollywood movies available online. Shazam! the movie is made against a budget of $100 million and if viewers will consider watching it online, then there are chances that the movie won't be able to break any box-office record.

Warning: Spoilers ahead:

Shazam! the movie is set in 1974 New York where a young Thaddeus Sivana is magically transported to the Rock of Eternity, where he meets the wizard Shazam. The wizard introduces him to the mystical statues containing the spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins: Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, and Wrath. The wizard belongs to the last of the council of seven and has spent several centuries in search for a successor or a new champion. After failing the test that judges his heart, Sivana will be transported back to the real world. As it turns out, Sivana will later free all these seven Sins, allowing them to use his own body as a vessel of escape.

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi will play the role of Shazam!Getty Images

Whereas, the movie's story focuses on the life of Billy Batson, who shares a room with a paraplegic, Freddy Freeman. Freddy is being bullied by a group of kids in the school and when Billy tries to help him, he is summoned by the wizard. The old wizard uses his shaft and transforms Billy into an adult with multiple superpowers.

The rest of the movie is a crazy journey of Billi Batson and Freddy Freeman, who are doing their best to understand the powers that were given to the former by the wizard. Meanwhile, the threat implanted by Thaddeus Sivana is blooming and causes destruction on several levels.

The credit scenes reveal that Shazam has finally joined the Justice League. In a mid-credits scene, Sivana is present in his jail cell and is seen drawing multiple symbols across the wall.

Shazam! movie review:

Shazam! the movie is released in North America alongside Stephen King's Pet Sematary and is projected to gross $50 million in its opening weekend. There are chances that since the movie is already leaked online, fans will try to watch it illegally. At the same time, within a couple of weeks, Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is releasing worldwide and it will definitely put a hold on to the Shazam's box-office earnings.

The movie is getting all the praises for its lighter tone than the previous DCEU movies. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie sits on a 92 percent approval rating. The website's critical consensus reads, "An effortlessly entertaining blend of humour and heart, Shazam! is a superhero movie that never forgets the genre's real power: joyous wish fulfilment." On the other hand, many have called the movie has a much need movie from the DC camp.