Shawn Mendes
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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello went public with their relationship when they were spotted making out at an eatery recently. But it looks like Shawn Mendes isn't exactly comfortable admitting to the fact that he is indeed dating Camila.

Reportedly, Shawn Mendes had a question and answer session with fans in Dallas, and when one fan asked him the status of his relationship with rumored love Camila Cabello, he had a surprising reaction.

Shawn was apparently quite embarrassed about answering the question. "I wanted to say, I'm pretty sure we all know the answer, but what's going on with you and Camila?" a fan asked followed by a gasp and cheers from the other fans in the room. Shawn immediately blushed and couldn't help but have a huge smile on his face as he tried to dodge the question and move on. 

Camila Cabello
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The reaction may seem sweet, but since Shawn did not have a problem with PDA, why is he hesitant to officially admit that he is dating Camila Cabello? Is he embarrassed? We don't think so. But Shawn sure seems to be shy talking to fans about his relationship status.

It is known that Shawn and Camila have been friends for a while now, but they started appearing to be more soon after the release of their duet "Señorita." The pair was spotted in public making out for all to see, the sightings came after it was revealed that Camila had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Matthew Hussey. We have to say that they do make an adorable couple. You can check out the video here: