Shanvi Srivastava wearing monokini / swimsuit
Shanvi Srivastava wearing monokini / swimsuitCollage of photos taken from instagram

Popular southern actress Shanvi Srivastava, who has apparently decided to follow the footsteps of young B-Town girl Disha Patani, was trolled by her Instagram fans for wearing a swimsuit and calling it versatility.

Shanvi Srivastava, who made her acting debut with the Telugu movie Lovely in 2012, has carved a niche for herself with the kind of roles she has done in the last seven years. Unlike many other young actresses, she rarely tried to make a name for herself with skin show in her movies. But now, she seems to be heading towards it.

Shanvi Srivastava is quite active on social media and often keeps her fans on Instagram informed about her personal and professional life by sharing photos and videos. But she surprised her followers with a picture featuring her sporting a black lace monokini taken in her recent photo shoot. In its caption, she said that she prefers being versatile and likes to dissolve herself into any character.

People ask me this question often, if being bold is really important in the profession I'm in. I say the question should be, is being versatile is really important to be in this profession?

Acting is about dissolving into every character you get. Character can be anything and anyone. It's your choice to choose the character. You prefer choosing the same character over and over again, go ahead.

I prefer being versatile. Dissolving shanvi into any character she gets. I Ain't a great actor but the little I learned is once you love your work let nothing stop you or tie you. You cannot fly with the wings half open.


Shanvi PC by the one who loves his work like how I love mine @sandeep.m.v HMU @naveenyerra3 Styled by @by_varshaabhishek #shanvisri #photoshoot

Shanvi Srivastava has always treated her fans with her decent pictures and the photo featuring her in monokini did not go down well with some of her fans, who slammed her saying that versatility does not mean removing one's clothes. In reply to her, they expressed their objection to wearing a swimsuit.

Vikrantkain: Versatility, dissolving,and being bold doesnt mean to remove clothes only.Be bold by thoughts,by education,by culture in which u lives.Its not about u its about the thoughts running in people belongs to camera,TV, and film.They shows their boldness by removing clothes only. Remove ur ego, anger, irritation, compatibility, then u dont need to write this and ask people option about u.

Param010101: This is not suit for ur face ,,

Thugs_of_karnataka: Disha patani is that you?

Amith_b_dev: I liked ur all pics but not this one

Sanjana_shivanna: After seeing this I feel Rachita ram is the only heroine with same attitude ryt from her entry to sandalwood ....... ...the best is her...this is Wat I felt... I also used to like u before