SS Rajamouli, Shankar and Upendra
SS Rajamouli, Shankar and Upendra.PR Handout

Shankar had surprising questions coming from two of the popular filmmakers from South India at the launch of 2.0 trailer in Chennai. Telugu director SS Rajamouli and Kannada actor-director Upendra quizzed him related to his profession.

As part of the interaction, leading names of 2.0 were asked questions from fans and celebrities. On his turn, Shankar was first asked by SS Rajamouli as to how he handles pressure when working on India's biggest project. He also said that he was a big fan of him.

Shankar reciprocated his good words by saying, "I am a big fan of SS Rajamouli. You are the pride of the Indian cinema. I am happy that you have taken part in the event,.

Responding to his question on handling pressure, Shankar said, "The only way to handle the pressure is by working more. I analyze everything thoroughly to ensure everything is right,"

The next question came from Kannada actor Shivaraj Kumar, who asked him from where he gets ideas for his movies while requesting him to give an opportunity to work with him.

Shankar stated that it might come from anywhere if there is deep-rooted desire to satisfy the audience. Shivaraj Kumar's humble request to cast him was taken as a compliment by the filmmaker.

The next one to speak was Upendra who hailed Shankar to heavens. "You are like a text book. Every movie has 1000s of answers for our questions. Asking a question has remained like a question for me. But I want to ask you and Rajini sir. I am a director and actor. Can you give tips me tips?"

"Who am I to give him tips? He is an acclaimed actor and director. I have seen his movie "Upendra". His A is one of my favourite movies and I was inspired by the climax in the opening scene itself. I used to refer that movie to others during discussions stating that the opening should be like that," Shankar recalled.

"As he has asked, I am saying this. Never do movies for your convenience. Never do movies because you are convenient with the producer, actor of technician. Prepare a good subject and then choose the right producer, actor and technicians," Shankar concluded.