Malayalam actress Shamna Kasim had recently filed a police complaint regarding an extortion case where the gang got close to the actress with a marriage proposal. The police have now apprehended four gang members. 

On Tuesday night, four gang members, Rafeeq Mohammed, Ramesh Krishnan, Sarad Sivadasan and Ashraf Saidu Mohammed, were arrested by the police. The four were charged on various accounts of criminal conspiracy, cheating and criminal intimidation. 

Shamna Kasim
Shamna KasimShamna Kasim/Facebook

Shamna Kasim's blackmailers apprehended 

Celebrities are often the victims of blackmailing and threats, due to their presence in the public eye. Shamna Kasim is a South Indian actress with over 50 films to her name. The actress has appeared in both Tamil and Malayalam films primarily, she is known for her film Kaappaan with Suriya, Oru Kuttanadan Blog with Mammootty

The actress recently became prey to a blackmailing incident but managed to report it just in time. Kasim was contacted in April by a proposal for marriage. The proposal included a picture of a TikTok model from Kasargod and the name 'Anwar Ali' reports said. On June 3rd the imposters visited her home to take the proposal forward, however, that's when her family grew suspicious of the prospect. 

The group that claimed a proposal then proceeded to threaten her demanding Rs 1 lakh. After receiving the amount it was reported that the group had gone incognito and were unreachable. However, Shamna wasn't the only one caught in their scheme many girls from the fashion and entertainment industry had suffered similar experiences. 

Shamna Kasim

Shamna's mother filed a complaint with the police, this was when they found there was a whole group of blackmailers working together. An official at Maradu Police Station told IBT, "City police organised a Special investigation team, 4 were arrested, they were threatening and blackmailing Shamna Kasim. An inquiry is going on." 

4 gang members— Rafeeq Mohammed, Ramesh Krishnan, Sarad Sivadasan and Ashraf Saidu Mohammed were arrested by the police. Range IG Vijay Sakhare revealed to Asianet news, that the men have also sexually harassed women in the past, however, cases haven't been filed against them for those charges. It is suspected that there are 3 more members at large currently. The Police are also investigating whether the gang is linked to the industry in any way and how they got the actress' contact.