"Shameless" will be returning to Showtime with Season 6 on Sunday, 10 January, and we are all very excited about what all the Gallaghers are up to, especially Ian. The last we saw them, every member of the family was stuck in his or her won own personal mess.

Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who married Gus (Steve Kazee), a bass guitarist for an indie rock band, cheated on him mere weeks after the wedding. She then realised that she might be in love with her boss Sean Pierce (Dermot Mulroney). Seeing as he is a Season 6 regular, Fiona and Sean might have a love story to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

Her father Frank (William H. Macy), meanwhile, lost the one person whom he actually seemed to truly love. Bianca (Bojana Novakovic) showed what it is to be alive, and he seems to be mourning her loss even as we meet him in Season 6. At one point he is seen crying beside her grave, and even trying to pleasure himself, when someone at the cemetery chases him away.

The younger Gallaghers Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) and Debbie (Emma Kenney) have their own troubles, with the former having just gotten out of juvenile jail, and the latter seemingly pregnant. Carl is a lot tougher than we remember him, and even has cornrows to prove it. Meanwhile, Debbie is still angry with Fiona for trying to control her life, and seems to be quite adamant on moving out of the Gallagher home and into Derek's (Lucas Oriel) home.

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Lip (Jeremy Allen White), was publicly embarrassed after his friend with benefits Amanda (Nichole Bloom) declared her love for him before punching him in front of their peers. He still seems to be continuing his relationship with his married professor Helene (Sasha Alexander). Although she has an open relationship with her husband, it looks like he gets jealous of their relationship in Season 6.

Meanwhile Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is still dealing with his bipolar disorder and thankfully debunking our fears, isn't completely done with Mickey (Noel Fisher). In the Season 4 finale, we had seen him breaking up with Mickey, telling him that he cannot be with someone who thinks he needs to be "fixed" with medications. Later we saw Sammi (Emily Bergl) chasing him around with a gun.

It looks like Mickey has been arrested for "roofie"-ing Sammi and almost killing her. In a scene from the promo for Season 6, we see Ian visiting Mickey at the prison, and the former revealing "Ian Galagher" tattooed on his chest; unfortunately he missed an "l" in the name.

Regardless, the gesture means that Mickey is proving to Ian he loves him no matter what. Ian does seem to be touched by what Mickey says, and hopefully will stick with him for a while. However, rumours are abuzz that Fisher has only signed on for one episode in Season 6, meaning Mickey's gesture may not be enough for "Gallovich" to be together.

We will keep you updated on the Ian-Mickey relationship and other storylines from "Shameless" Season 6 in the days to come, so do not forget to check back here.