Ajay Devgn's fans run dirty trend against Akshay Kumar
Ajay Devgn's fans run dirty trend against Akshay KumarInstagram

In a bizarre and extremely deplorable act, a group of people on Twitter started running an outrageous trend against Akshay Kumar by the title "Hawas Ka Devta Akshay".

"Hawas Ka Devta Akshay" started trending on Twitter on Saturday. Apparently, this started owing to a Twitter war between Akshay fans and Ajay Devgn fans. Scores of tweets are being made, accusing Akshay of being a molester and womaniser.

Some pictures of the actor with different Bollywood actresses are also being posted with inappropriate captions. Apparently, Ajay Devgn's fans started this defamatory trend after fans of Akshay Kumar made certain tweets against the former.

A look at some of these tweets clearly shows that this is as a result of a Twitter war between fans of the two superstars. While those agitated fans continue posting insulting tweets against the two stars respectively, some sensible people have been requesting them to stop this war as both Akshay and Ajay are good in their work.

"This is getting filthier with every passing day. Have some shame Ajay and Akki Fans. You are degrading your own favs through these bullshit Trend War. @akshaykumar and @ajaydevgn both of them are best in their business. Just appreciate their work and keep supporting your favs," tweeted a fan account.

Interestingly, some fans of South superstar Ajith have also been promoting this trend, saying that Akki fans insulted the former. A lot of others are just confused to see such a trend.


Well, it is indeed a shameful act and fans should be barred from running such defamatory trends against any celebrity.