Bigg Boss 16 is getting more interesting day by day. From friendships to fights, love and patch-ups, contestants are getting to know each other better.

After the intense fight between Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Shalin Bhanot and Salman Khan reprimanding Sumbul for her closeness with the actor, it seems Sumbul has finally learnt her lesson the hard way. The young contestant has now taken a stand and has pledged that she will end stand for her self-respect and will not tolerate insult.

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan cuts off ties with Shalin Bhanot

In the promo shared by the Colors channel on social media, Sumbul is seen taking a stand for herself, while Shalin is trying hard to mend ways with the actress.

Shalin tries to mend the differences between them, "Is ghar ki sabse badi taakat pata hai kaun hai, aap main aur Tina. Jab koi ungli udhata hai na to apno ke saath khada hua jata hai (Do you know who is the biggest strength of this house, you, me and Tina. When someone points a finger, one needs to stand with their own)."

Sumbul replies,"Aankh band karke maine aapka saath dia, mere ko kya mila, bezzati. Mujhe mat batao apno ke saath kab khade hona hai, main unke saath khadi rahti hu jo mere sath khade ho. Jo meri dhajjiya uda dein puri duniya ke samne, main unke saath khadi nahi rahungi kabhi" (I supported you blindly, what did I get, insult. Don't you tell me when to stand on my own. I stand with those who stand with me. Those who insult me in front of the world, I will never support them)."

Fans lauded the Imlie actress.

A fan mentioned, "First time sumbul ke liye taliya (claps for Sumbul for the first time)."

Another user wrote, "Sumbul you are fire good." One more said, "Hope she'll continue this attitude towards Shalin and Tina aunty."


The third one mentioned, "Yes please we need this toxic friendship to end. Great going."

Shame on Sumbul's father trends

shame on sumbul's father trends

Meanwhile, netizens are also trending Shame on Sumbul's Father' after he advised his daughter to stay away from Tina.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Touqeer Khan received a call from her father who asked her to teach a lesson to co-contestants Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot.

Sumbul's dad told her, "Maloom hai log kitni gaaliyan derahe hai mujhe ki apni beti ka tamasha bana dia (Do you know how people are calling me names, telling me that I have made a spectacle of my daughter)," He also called Tina and Shalin 'kaminey log' who are bent on assassinating Sumbul's character. He also said that she should make them their biggest enemies and show them their 'aukaat' on national TV.


This didn't go down with Tina's fans as well as celebrities, Kashmeera Shah, Kushal Tandon came out in support of Tina.


Former Bigg Boss contestant Kushal tweeted, "Why sumbul is the only contestant who's dad was allowed to come on stage to talk about how she is going ..... how she is the only contestant who's dad gives her a call and can talk over phone And how dare her dad is allowed to have a phone call now ... and how can he speak Ill of other contestants ... vo bhi kiski ki Beti hain (she is also someone's daughter) her dad is saying tina is Kamini... stay out of her wow."

In another Tweet he mentioned, "And best part all is getting on air , and showing to public what are they projecting? bhai dal main kuch kallaaa nahi , puri dall heee kaliiii hain , hahhaaa big boos mahan hain (There is something weird cooking).

kushal tandon tweeted

Actor Kashmera Shah also tweeted, "My daughter #sumbul is good but someone else's daughter #TinaDutta is not. This involvement of family does not make sense as it goes against every essence of the show. The fact that you are isolated without any outside information is the beauty of the show."

A social media user wrote, "Whatever happened with #sumbul letting her talk to her father was extremely wrong on part of makers & his father defaming other contestants is shame."

Another user mentioned, "#SumbulTouqueerKhan father wudve earned respect if he'd reprimanded her n advised her 2 maintain her sanity. Right now this is what is has earned for himself n for his daughter.. What a shame.. #BB16 SHAME ON SUMBUL'S FATHER."

"I am sorry to say when a parent teaches wrong things to own child and say ill about other's children just to uplift own daughter, is a big disappointment and shameful. SHAME ON SUMBUL'S FATHER," said a user.

Tina Datta's mother and Shalin Bhanot came out in support of their kids. 

Shalin Bhanot's father said: "Is this the way people speak on national television? Making unjustified offensive comments on national television, against other participants is very, very cheap! And it's more shocking that these comments and abuses were not edited out and rather shown." He further said, "Sumbul is an adult, either you shouldn't have sent her on the show and if you have then no outside guidance should be allowed as per the format. This is unacceptable!"

In the video shared on Tina's Instagram handle her mother got emotional and broke down seeing Sumbul's father accusing her daugther Tina.