Director Sriram Aditya's Shamanthakamani (Shamantakamani), starring Sandeep Kishan, Aadi, Sudheer Babu and Nara Rohit, has received positive reviews and good ratings from the audience.

A vintage Rolls Royce car worth Rs 5 crore is stolen after a party at Provotel Hotel. Inspector Ranjith (Nara Rohith) is assigned the responsibility of investigating the case. He starts interrogating Sundeep Kishan, Rajendra Prasad and a few others. How this policeman resolves the case forms the crux of the story.

Viewers say that though Shamanthakamani deals with a thin storyline, a good dose of entertainment keeps the audience engaged. The first half of the film has nothing much to offer in terms of the story, but the twist before the interval gives it some momentum. The second half is entertaining with some twists and turns. 

Sandeep Kishan, Aadi, Sudheer Babu and Nara Rohit have equal scope for performance and they have done a good job. Rajendra Prasad and others have also done justice to their roles. Shamanthakamani has good production values, and picturisation, music and action choreography are the attractions on the technical front, say viewers.


We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared to Twitter. Here is the live update of Shamantakamani movie review by audience:

Idlebrain Jeevi‏ @idlebrainjeevi

Nice screenplay, witty dialogues and engaging narration makes #Shamantakamani an indigenous thriller! A sureshot hit! Congrats to S Adittya!

Ravikiran ane nenu‏ @RSubraveti

#Shamantakamani @isudheerbabu excellent performance sir....gripping screenplay....2nd half chala exciting ga undi sir....must watch movie

Lakshmi Priya‏ @LPlakshmipriya

Done with #Shamanthakamani ,Decent Drama with multiple laughs , All the actors acted very well , especially @sundeepkishan rocked it

Anitha‏ @AnithaPasupule1

Just watched #Shamanthakamani , Good family entertainer in recent times @sundeepkishan acting kummingssss

Sameem Khan‏ @Sameemkhansami

Paisavassol entertainer #Shamanthakamani , @sundeepkishan did his best as kotipalli siva , Don't miss to watch this weekend

LonE RangeR‏ @Vishu_Rockzz

#Shamanthakamani Awesome movie... Good suspense thriller... Climax ultimate...

Bittuuu !‏ @tharungstars

Timepass Entertainer Dialogues r well written All d Actors got gud roles @sundeepkishan as #KothapalliShiva is Hillarious #Shamantakamani

Prakash reddy‏ @prakash__reddy

The investigation of lost car #Shamantakamani is fun to watch with 4 heros n their superb performances.. bgm manisharma

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#Shamanthakamani Review 1st half : below Average 2nd half : good Overall Average Watchable once - 2.5 /5

AjayTarak‏ @IamAjayTarak

Show comptld #Shamanthakamani I appreciated the director SriRam fr Brilliant Screen ply and climax All d 4 char done their job worth watchg

Pooja Mahesh‏ @PoojaDaPrincess

Good first half...Sri ram adittya BGM #Shamanthakamani second half so far #Shamanthakamani

Dr.Baalee‏ @DrBaalee

Good Cinematography Good action by youngsters Good screenplay But bomma bokka Another BMR+MB hype #Shamantakamani

Movie Buff‏ @tweetodyamam

Saw #Shamantakamani in US interesting helarious will be a hit #Shamantakamani very unique from all recent routine movies I saw

Gopikrishna‏ @Gopikrishna5555

@BhavyaCreations @isudheerbabu @sundeepkishan finished watching the mvi in NJ,US. Must watch thriller bhayya!! Congrats!! #Shamanthakamani

Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#Shamantakamani Overall Below Average. Nothing to talk about except good performances by the 4 heros

Mahesh Soldiers‏ @MaheshSoldiers

First half completed blockbuster cards #Shamanthakamani Taking Production values Mani sir bgm Sudheer babu performance Comedy

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout

#Shamantakamani is superbly directed, Sticks loyally to the genre, marks career best performances of All 4 heroes, & Mani sir

Sai Varun‏ @varungds

A very race, engaging & fun ride thriller. Superhit written all over. @isudheerbabu , @sundeepkishan , #Rohit & #Aadi shines in their roles. BGM & Camera work is top notch #Shamantakamani

Vineel reddy‏ @Vineelreddy123

#Shamanthakamani Bang on,Such an awesome movie @SriramAdittya Extraordinary visuals #Manisharma BGM as usual rocking. Superb performances

Sai Suman Kumar‏ @SASMANC

That's how a story should be narrated. Splendid #Shamanthakamani with outstanding performances. Enjoyed fdfs @isudheerbabu - loved u most

Izath Potundhi‏ @mayitweets

Entertaining First Half #Shamanthakamani

Avinash‏ @aviash915avi

Showtime #Shamanthakamani @BhavyaCreations First half done, Superb story narration, grand visuals, Loved it

Sampath Andani‏ @sampathandani14

@isudheerbabu @sundeepkishan Anna Mast Thrilling, Fantastic... Story loved it..!!! Nice Directed,...Sundeep Anna..Big hugg. #Shamantakamani

Vamsi Penmetsa‏ @vamsi_miracle

#Shamantakamani @SriramAdittya take a bow for ur gut by dng a movie with 4 stars. #manisharma RR is da main soul 4r da movie @sundeepkishan

Sai praveen‏ @disissaipraveen

#Shamantakamani The bgm took the movie to next level.Excellent performances by each and everyone.

Censor Reports‏ @CensorReports

#Shamanthakamani - U - 130Mins Above Average - 2.75/5 Theme of the story is big drawback.

HARI KIRAN‏ @harikiranroyal

Very Bad 1st Half. Chandini Chowdhary #Shamanthakamani

Daya Arjun‏ @Shivamahesh15

@sundeepkishan sandeep anna ni acting superb #Shamanthakamani

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Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#Shamantakamani Overall Below Average. Nothing to talk about except good performances by the 4 heros