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Shahrukh will soon make his film debut with "Yeh Hai Bakrapur" directed by National Award Winning Director Janaki Vishwanathan.

Shahrukh is apparently the name of the goat, who is the central character of "Yeh Hai Bakrapur," a political satire film based in rural India.

The trailer of the film was released on YouTube on 2 March by Shruthikkaa Films.

The two-minute promo of the film begins with a voice over telling the story about how a superstar (goat) is born. The story of the film revolves around an eight-year-old Zulfi Qureshi and his pet goat, which is named after Bollywood badshah Shahrukh. The villagers believe that Shahrukh is very lucky for them.

"Shahrukh koi aisa waisa bakra nahi hai, special hai, farishta hai," said one of them in the promo.

The director of the film purchased the goat from a village near Maharashtra-Karnataka border.

When asked why she named the goat as Shahrukh, Vishwanathan told Hindustan Times that, "It has nothing to do with Shah Rukh Khan. You see people have a tendency to name their pet animals after actors or someone they love. The goat is integral to the story so we needed a name for it... something catchy."

"You see, the name is just Shah Rukh which literally means face of the Emperor," she said.

Apparently, the goat had appeared for the audition of the film along with 300 of its brethrens, Mid-Day reported.

The political satire is written and helmed by Vishwanathan. It features Anshuman Jha, Asif Basra, Faiz Khan, Shameen Khan and Suruchi Aulakh in important roles.

Watch the trailer of the film below: