Shah Rukh Wants To Work With Aamir Khan
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Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are two popular Bollywood actors and other than for some special appearance, they have not really worked together in a film with full-fledged roles for each one of them. Now, the Baadshah of Bollywood, who is basking on the success of his recent release "Happy New Year", has evinced his interest to work with the Dhoom 3 actor.

While addressing the media on his 49th birthday in Mumbai, Shah Rukh revealed his interest to act with Aamir. When quizzed about working with the latter, the actor spoke about the problem of a script, which has two heroes. "If there's a director who has a two hero film, it will be good. For us to make it on our own, wo nahin hoga, I think," Bollywood Hungama quotes the actor as saying.

Meanwhile, he said things will fall in place, if a director comes with a suitable script. "If there's a director who has a two hero film, achcha rahega agar hum ek film Karen saath mein. We know each other for so long. We've worked together for such a long time, dosti hai, we've done world tours together. We also discuss a lot of things together," added Shah Rukh.

If a movie is made with the two superstars in the lead, there will be lot of comparisons between the two. Shah Rukh feels that the director will be under a lot pressure over doing justice to both. It will be nice if there's a producer-director, who can write, make a film for us and then jhelo the stress ki kaun behta rhai. Media will say, Aamir ne role kata diya, Shah Rukh ne usko edit kar diya. But I think it will be really nice if we get an opportunity to work together," said the actor.

Besides the script, there are a few other challenges for a filmmaker in bringing Shah Rukh and Aamir together on the big screen. The biggest one among them is the budget. Both of them charge a bomb as their remuneration for a film. Though many people are ready to invest in a film, recovering the production and gaining profit will be the big challenge for them.

With Shah Rukh Khan being ready to work with Aamir, now the question is whether any filmmaker will come forward with an appropriate script? Only time will answer this question.