Suhana Khan Vogue photoshoot
Suhana Khan Vogue photoshootVogue India Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan has been making headlines ever since she appeared for her first ever Vogue photoshoot. However, she has also been at the receiving end of online trolls. The star kid is now being ridiculed on the basis of a fake quote that has been attributed to her by a fake news website.

A website named Faking News had come up with an article on Suhana narrating her life struggles. The satirical piece has been widely shared on social media and many even believe it to be true.

The screenshots of the particular quote are now being shared on social media, without mentioning it to be a fake quote. The fake quote about the young diva narrates her ordeals as how she had to go for the Vogue photoshoot in an Audi car as her Jaguar broke down.

Below is the particular quote:

"Most people think that I haven't struggled enough to deserve being on the Vogue cover. But let me tell you, my life is no different from thousands of aspiring newcomers. It was a tough day for me. My Jaguar broke down and I had to travel to the studio in an Audi. Not to mention that the studio was on the first floor and the building did not have elevator. So I had to walk up the stairs. For full 5 minutes I was exposed to the heat and humidity of the city."

These screenshots have now gone viral and the ones that do not have have the name of the website mentioned, it may appear as a genuine article. Believing it to be true, a lot of people have been trolling and making fun of SRK's daughter.

However, there are others too, who realised the quote to be fake, and in turn, slammed the trolls for not being able to differentiate between a genuine article and a fake one.

Earlier, Suhana faced backlash as many had opined that she is just Shah Rukh's daughter, and she had done nothing big enough yet to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Several social media users have also slammed the magazine for allegedly sexualising a girl, who had just turned 18.