Three Chinese Muslims who intruded into India through the Sino-India border last month have claimed that the films of Bollwood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan inspired them to enter the country.

The three men - Salamo, Abdul Khaliq and Adil Thorsong, were spotted by an Army convoy on 12 June on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). They are currently being interrogated by security agencies at Margo post in north of Ladakh.

All three men reportedly belong to the Uyghur community and speak only two languages - Yarkandi and Uyghur, which prompted security agencies to look out for a translator. During separate interrogations, the Chinese men gave different versions of the story about their family background and the route that they took to come to India. But they all claimed that they infiltrated into India after drawing inspiration from Shah Rukh and Hrithik's films.

The men claimed that the two Bollywood heartthrob's films were popular in the Kargalilik area of Xianjang province. They claimed that they were thrown out of their house driven by extreme poverty and decided to come to India getting mesmerized by Indian films which showed the country as a land of opportunities, where one can make big bucks.

The security agencies are not convinced on the men's version and are planning to interrogate them further to bring the truth out of them. They are also working on the possible routes through which the men could have entered into India.

According to a Press Trust of India report, the men - aged between 18 and 23 years, were carrying swords and knives as well as tinned food supplies and bags stacked with dry ration. The security agencies also recovered political maps from them. The men also had Chinese currency of over 900 Yuan and had leather jackets, discarded by Chinese troops, which they picked it up while on their way to India.