Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan Fails to Do Rajinikanth and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ‘Epic Split’YouTube Screenshot

After Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rajinikanth, Shah Rukh Khan has now tried to do the epic split stunts on Mumbai roads, but unfortunately he failed.

Last year, Van Damme's Volvo truck commercial ad went viral on the internet. In the commercial, the Hollywood actor is seen doing a split between two Volvo trucks, for which he received praises.

"Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split" video featuring Van Damme went viral and till now it has been viewed more than 7.5 crore times.

Soon after that, superstar Rajinikanth's fans made an animated video showing the epic stunt. With the same background music, Rajinikanth is seen doing the epic split between six autorickhsaws.

While, Van Damme balanced on two trucks, Rajinikanth managed to balance on six autos in the one minute 18 second video titled "Thalaivar Epic Split".

But Bollywood badshah failed to pull through the epic stunt, because of potholes on Mumbai roads.

The video "SRK attempts the Epic Split" has been made to create awareness about the potholes. The animated footage shows SRK doing the full stretch between two BEST buses, but unfortunately he is not able to complete the stunt. SRK falls when the one of buses hits a pothole.

At the end of the video the makers have put up a message for the Brihanmumbai Municipality Corporation (BMC) stating "Dear BMC, before it rains this year... #PleaseFixIt."

The makers of the video have also given the statistics of potholes that were identified in 2012 and 2013.

The video ends with a disclaimer "No SRKs were harmed during d making of this video."  

 Check out the epic split of SRK, Rajinikanth and Van Damme below: