Even after quitting the microblogging site Twitter in January this year, actor Shah Rukh Khan's fan following is increasing every day.

Recently, the number of SRK's followers on Twitter crossed over four million. He had a total of 4,003,678 followers (till 5 May).

It has been over 100 days since the actor has posted a tweet on his page. He stopped tweeting completely after 9 January, when a controversy broke out in connection with a magazine article titled "Being a Khan".

"Sad,i read so much judgements, jingoism, religious intolerance on the net & i use to think,this platform wl change narrowmindedness,but no!," SRK tweeted last before quitting the social networking site.

Even after calling it quits, his fan base seems to be increasing day by day. This proves the actor's real star power. Fans even made "#SRK4Million" trend on twitter to mark the occasion.

Some fans showered their love for the actor by posting messages. Here are some of them:

Dipti Kapoor ‏@diptikapoor: "Congratulations King Khan Shah Rukh Khan for Crossing 4 Million Mark on Twitter... we Miss you SRK Please be back on Twitter !! #SRK4Million"

Mushtaq Shiekh ‏@shiekhspear: "He finally crosses the 4 million mark. Here's to my friend @iamsrk who is celebrated by the whole wide world! #SRK4Million #MorePowertoSRK"

Mandvi Sharma ‏@MandviSharma: "#SRK4Million let's make it 5 million soon... Go SRK fan clubs across d world. Much love and respect to u all for the support. @iamsrkclub"

Anil Jha ‏@StarAnilJha: "#SRK4Million heartiest congrats to dearest @iamsrk on crossing d 4 mil milestone.. Keep shining forever.. Cheers."

Sana Arsh ‏@_Sanarita_: "SRK is our life. SRK is our everything. Nobody can exactly explain our love for SRK. #SRK4Million."

Salwa Ali Khan ‏@salwa1198: "Divided by countries, united by the King of Bollywood - @iamsrk #SRK4Million."

Diya Sengupta ‏@SrkDiya: "SRK sir might be just an actor for others, but for us SRKians, he is our inspiration, our idol, the man we always look up to. #SRK4Million."

This is not first time that Shah Rukh quit Twitter. In 2011, he left the social networking site saying that he was not comfortable answering certain questions. However, director Anubhav Sinha of "Ra. One" fame convinced the actor to rejoin.

Recently, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan crossed the five million twitter follower mark. Unlike SRK, Amitabh is a regular tweeter, who posts messages to his fans on a day-to-day basis.