There may be a few months left before "Shadowhunters" returns to TV screens, but there has been plenty of news regarding the plot and the characters. The TV series will include new additions to the cast when it returns with Season 2 and according to the latest news, "Major Crimes" star Alisha Wainwright will be one of the new faces who will feature in the show's sophomore year.

According to reports, Wainwright will play the role of Maia the werewolf. The actress will be a part of Luke's pack and will also be a part-time bartender. Although it's not yet clear what storyline Maia will have in "Shadowhunters" Season 2, the werewolf does play a significant part in Cassandra Clare's book series "The Mortal Instruments," on which the show is based. 

In the second instalment of "The Mortal Instruments" titled "The City of Ashes," Maia becomes closely associated with Clary, Simon, Magnus and Alec. However, it is Simon who will prove to be a wonderful companion. Maia and Simon will face some tough times, especially with Valentine. But these experiences will only bring them closer. 

Although Maia and Simon have a romantic relationship in the books, it remains to be seen if the TV show will include the same storyline. After all, Simon and Maia are very close friends and "Shadowhunters" could project a platonic relationship between the vampire and the werewolf. 

If Simon and Maia continue to be friends, fans can expect to see more chemistry between him and his girlfriend, Maureen. Otherwise, Season 2 of the Freeform series could include a love triangle and some tension between the vampire and the werewolf communities. 

"Shadowhunters" Season 2 will premiere in the beginning of 2017. So far, the show's air date hasn't been revealed.