Katherine McNamara
Katherine McNamaraReuters

There's time yet for "Shadowhunters" Season 2's premiere but the cast of the Freeform TV series have been giving several updates, posting behind-the-scenes pictures and are even sharing spoilers about what will happen in the sophomore year of the TV show. 

In one such update, Katherina McNamara, who plays the role of Clary Fairchild, teased a fight between herself and fellow shadowhunter Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia). In the picture, Clary looks determined as Isabelle wields a sabre with fierce. 

Although the picture does give the impression that the two are going to fight in Season 2 of "Shadowhunters," the picture perhaps captures one of Clary's training sessions with Isabelle. 

It certainly seems as if Clary will be in the thick of action when the show returns to television screens. Earlier, she posted a picture of herself in which she looks bruised. The actress captioned the picture thus: "Rough day at work... You shoulda seen the other guy." But its not just action that will be part of Season 2 of "Shadowhunters."

The TV show, based on Cassandra Clare's book series, "The Mortal Instruments," will also focus on Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Magnus's (Harry Shum Jr.) relationship. In an interview, Shum Jr. described Alec and Magnus's love story thus: "It's like that Paula Abdul song "Opposites Attract." That has a lot to do with it because there's so much that can be learnt from both sides. Even this guy that's been around for so long, there's a lot that he can learn from Alec and vice versa."

"Shadowhunters" Season 2 airs in early 2017 on Freeform.