Netflix's Stranger Things
Stranger Things Season 2 poster PR Handout

If you have seen the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, you might be quite aware of the storm clouds created by the 'shadow monster' in the show hinting at the dangers that's about to come.

Well, a very similar 'Stranger Things' style giant cloud left morning commuters terrified in Richmond, Virginia after it appeared to 'roll' across the orange-pink skyline. It baffled the workers during the morning rush hour.

Amanda Creger‏, who was reportedly on her way to work, tweeted: "Strange things afoot in #RVA today." She added: "Or should I say, #StrangerThings."

Don't be panic, it's no shadow monster! The giant cloud is actually a meteorological phenomenon known as a roll cloud, Daily Mirror reported.

A roll cloud is a tube-shaped, low, horizontal, and relatively rare type of arcus cloud which is formed along the edge of 'gust fronts' of thunderstorm outflow. 

Roll clouds and shelf clouds are the two main types of arcus clouds. The interesting thing about roll clouds is that it usually appears to be "rolling" about a horizontal axis.

Instagram user dholler44 shared the picture of the roll cloud in Virginia.

An enormous #rollcloud over #rva at #sunrise this morning.

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A spokesperson for the Met Office told The Independent: "Arcus clouds or roll clouds are a dense horizontal roll and form part of clouds on a front. When they are extensive they can appear dark and menacing. They are often associated with storm clouds and thunderstorms."

It's an extremely rare phenomenon and it's not easy to spot one. But roll clouds have been reported from Queensland, Australia in the past.