Sriti Jha is one of the most popular faces of the television industry. With blockbuster shows like Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhava and Kumkum Bhagya, the actress ruled the nation for years altogether.

She might have played demure and coy roles on screen but in reality, she is far from it. An old video of 2020 where Sriti Jha talks about being asexual has gone viral. The video is from Spoken Fest in Mumbai in January 2020 and Sriti's poem is called 'Confessions of a Romantic Asexual'.

Sriti Jha
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"The very first time I fell in love, things were said and rules were laid. Holding hands and flirting was alright but anything beyond would not be okay. I couldn't catch up in rhythm or rhyme as a cosmic alarm went off and everybody was ready for their first time.

I must have missed the alarm as I am a late sleeper because I wasn't ready or even eager. But when they spoke of it I joined in equal vigour. I kept falling in love, sometimes better other times worse. But "it" was never on my mind. And that seemed to be my curse. So I kept avoiding it. Eventually, I did it but it didn't seem meant to be," says Sriti in a five-minute long video.

The Kumkum Bhagya actress further reveals, "Every time it happened I knew I wasn't being me. I was relieved when they wrote chants of no means no. But when I said no and I meant no they said, "You've got to try a little more"

The video has now gone viral and the actress is being applauded for her courage in coming out and speaking about it. Industry people are also bowled over by Sriti's poem and have praised her for opening up about something that's still considered a taboo.

Netizens and fans are lauding the actress and some have even shared their own personal stories. With this video, Sriti has opened up a new channel for women to be understood and express themselves.

Kudos to you, Sriti Jha!