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BSE SensexReuters

Trading in BSE came to a sudden halt on Thursday at 10:30 am due to network outage. However, the proceedings were resumed after 12:50 pm once the issue was fixed by network service provider HCL Technologies.

While the index was recorded 25844.83 points at 1:07 pm, which surged by 3.62 points and 0.01 percent after resumption, it plunged by 3.30 points at 25837.91 points at 1:10 pm. Nifty too fell by 7.20 points at 7717.95 points.

However, NSE market trading was being operated throughout the trading hours on Thursday. From 9:20 am to 9:37 am, BSE index floated at 25931.57 points and then plunged lower by 3.31 points by recording 25928.26 points till 10:30. All orders placed before halt of trading would be cancelled, BSE told Reuters.

"Due to a network outage being currently faced, BSE has decided to close all markets," the exchange said in a statement sent via a text message. "Once the network issue is resolved, the markets will restart."

However during early trade, BSE and NSE opened on bullish note. At 9:08 am on Thursday, Sensex opened higher by 34.48 points at 25875.75 points, whereas, the Nifty recorded surge of 13.35 points with opening figure of 7738.50 points at 9.15 am.

On Wednesday, the BSE index closed higher by 1.27 percent at 25841.27 points, while Nifty too rose by 1.8 percent by closing at 7725.15 points.

Top gainers from NSE-Nifty as on July 3, Thursday, 2014 at 12.30 pm:

Name Symbol Last traded in ₹ Change in ₹ Change in %
Birla Cotsyn India Ltd BIRC 0.25 +0.05 +25
Excel Crop Care EXCR 786 +122.95 +18.54
Gulfic Biosciences Ltd GUFI 10 +1.45 +16.96
VKS Projects Ltd VKSP 0.40 +0.05 +14.29
Sharon Bio Medicine Ltd SHBM 56.20 +6.70 +13.54

Top losers from NSE-Nifty as on July 3, Thursday, 2014 at 12.30 pm:

Name Symbol Last traded in ₹ Change in ₹ Change in %
Ankit Metal and Power Ltd AMPL 9.25 -1.55 -14.35
Visesh Infotecnics Ltd VIFY 0.45 -0.05 -10
Dynacons Technologies Ltd DYNO 0.65 -0.05 -7.14
REI Six Ten Retail Ltd REIS 0.70 -0.05 -6.67
HOV Services Ltd HOVS 107.85 -7.60 -6.58

However positions of the companies changed frequently during the trading hours.

The 50 share Nifty index was trading at 7732.85 points with an increase of 7.70 points and 0.34 percent at 12:30 pm on Thursday.

In the mean time, CNX Midcap index of NSE recorded surge of 54.85 points and 0.48 percent at 11400.50 points, while S&P CNX 500 index of NSE surged 8.60 points and 0.14 percent by recording at 6285.50 points. But, Nifty Junior declined negligibly by -0.55 points at 16948.50 points.

"It's a pre-budget rally and the government is giving enough signals on how it is going to deal with the economy. Market is taking cues from there and expectations are very high. Though we are positive, we advise clients to be cautious and selective as selling pressure can emerge on any negative news," Reuters quoted Suresh Parmar of Khandelwal Jain Management Consultancy.

After the resumption of BSE trading, top gainers from BSE were as below:

As on July 3, at 1:12 pm on Thursday:

Name Symbol Last traded in ₹ Change in ₹ Change in %
Baba Arts Ltd BART 7.20 +1.20 +20
Excel Corp Care Ltd EXCR 773.50 +105.55 +15.80
Lovable Lingerie Ltd LOVA 401 +49.25 +14
Marsons Ltd MARS 8.35 +0.97 +13.14
Bharat Gears Ltd BGRS 78 +8.65 +12.47

Top losers from BSE at 1:12 pm on Thursday as on July 3:

Name Symbol Last traded in ₹ Change in ₹ Change in %
Nahar Capital and Financial Services Ltd NAHA 73.20 -8.10 -9.96
Mafatlal Industries Ltd MFTL 172 -7.15 -3.99
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd NHIE 79.25 -2.45 -3

At 1:10 pm, among 12 Indian stock indices, seven of them declined. Apart from BSE and NSE; Oil&Gas, Capital Goods, Banking, Realty, and Power fell by 107 points, 6.90 points, 12.40 points, 24.90 points and 16.84 points respectively during trading hours.

Among 10 stocks in Oil and Gas sector, stock prices of three companies declined. Those were Castrol India, GAIL and ONGC. Stock prices of these companies fell by ₹9.70, ₹0.35 and ₹0.45 respectively.

Bank stocks fell badly on Thursday's trading. It recorded 17722.03 points with a decrease of 22.60 points and 0.13 percent. Over 65 percent stock prices in banking sector fell during trading hours. Only stock prices of Axis Bank, Federal Bank, ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank rose by 3.30 points, 0.60 points, 3.45 points and 2.70 points respectively at 1:35 pm.

In the meantime, among 13 BSE Realty stocks; only four company's stock prices surged. Housing Development-Infrastructure, Mahindra Lifespace Developers, Phoenix Mills and Prestige Estate were gainers in the list. Realty sector's stock index was recorded 2084.81 points with decline of 21.96 points and 1.04 percent.

Moreover, India's Tata Global Beverages' shares fell by 2.2 percent as its competitor Nestle signed a deal with US based company K Cup. The stock price of Tata Beverage was recorded ₹169.30 with loss of ₹5.05 and 2.90 percent.

World Markets:

Till June 2014, foreign investors have bought Indian shares worth $10 billion and on Wednesday they bought Indian shares worth ₹12.90 billion. NSE index futures traded on the Singapore Exchange rose 0.37 percent, while Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) rose 0.99 percent.

As 1:54 pm, Japan's Nikkei fell by 21.68 points at 15348.29 points and Hang Seng too declined at 23530.87 points by 18.75 points on Thursday. However, India's Sensex surged by 10.36 points at 25851.87 points.

In the meantime, NASDAQ and TR US Index fell at 4457.73 points and 180.04 points respectively by -0.92 points and 0.03 points. On other hand, Dow and S&P 500 surged at 16976.24 points and 1974.62 points respectively by 20.17 points and 1.30 points.

Moreover, all European markets surged during trading hours. FT SE 100, DAX, CAC 40 and TR Europe surged by 22.07 points, 37.53 points, 21.39 points and 0.30 points respectively.