HD 630 VB
HD 630 VBSennheiser

No man is an island and no audiophile's interests lie in one single genre. While some genres demand deep bass, others are best experienced when the output is neutral. Lugging several pairs of headphones tuned to different frequencies may be a slight bother, and to save listeners the hassle, Sennheiser has introduced the HD 630VB, a pair of headphones that reportedly allow users to crank the bass up to 11 if the track demands it.

The closed-cup circum-aural headphones feature a rotary dial built into the left ear cup that apparently allows users to boost just the bass frequencies on demand. Sennheiser claims the headphones offer a neutral sound capable of accurately reproducing sound across low, mid- and high frequencies with the bass boost turned off.

While most audiophile headphones are designed to be used with home audio set-ups or in line with an amplifier if used with a portable device, the HD 630VB has been designed to work well with smartphones and portable audio players as well. The headphones reportedly offer a low impedance level of 23 â"¦. It is widely agreed that anything under 32 â"¦ is perfect for portable devices. In contrast, Sennheiser's HD 650 headphones, which are also aimed at audiophiles, have an impedence level of 300 â"¦.

The headphones are also reported to offer a wide dynamic range, capable of producing sound between 10 and 42,000 Hz. The headphones are also reported to be fully compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing users to attend calls while on the move.

The Sennheiser HD 630VB headphones feature a mic integrated into the cables, as well as a remote control integrated into the left ear cup. Users can not only attend calls, but also adjust the volume, skip, play and pause tracks.

The HD 630 VBs are priced at Rs 39,990 and can be picked up at Sennheiser's e-store.