Pop star Selena Gomez is working from home and the singer has put up a makeshift studio at home as due to quarantine she cannot step outside.

But why does the singer has put up the makeshift studio, is she recording a new song? Well the picture shared by Selena on social media suggests so.

Selena Gomez
Selena GomezInstagram

In the Instagram photo, Selena can be seen seated on the floor with a mini studio in the background. The singer is wearing grey colour top with dark blue jeans and looks toward camera for picture. A book is visible in the corner which might be used for writing down some lyrics for the upcoming song I guess

"Makeshift studio so I can work from home" the singer captioned the photo

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Makeshift studio so I can work from home ???

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The singer had reportedly revealed about her new home studio space, which she build with the people that have been in her house.

"I'm creating a little station where I'm going to be able to FaceTime with my engineer and some of my producer friends, and we're going to try and make some music. I haven't started that process, but that's what we're doing right now. I was going to FaceTime some of my writing friends, and just see what we're all feeling during this time," Selena said in an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe.

Selena Gomez
Selena GomezSelena Gomez Official Instagram (selenagomez)

Recently, the singer released three new songs 'Boyfriend,' 'Souvenir' and 'She'. Among the three 'She' was special and catchy as the lyrics talked about committing mistakes and trying to cope with it and the pain she experienced while dating former boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez had also shared that she suffers from bipolar disorder which makes a person from sudden highs to depressive low moods.