"Secrets and Lies" kicked off with a great Season 1, and while a new case is still months away for Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis), we have some juicy bits of information on what can be expected from Season 2. The sophomore season of the ABC will see the addition of an impressive set of new actors, starting with Eric Winter of "Witches of East End" fame.

Cornell, fresh off the Tom Murphy murder mystery, will be investigating the death of a new bride Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster). The immediate suspect is obviously the husband, Eric (Michael Ealy). But unlike Ryan Phillippe's Ben Crawford – the primary murder suspect from Season 1 – Eric has a reliable alibi.

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However, fans of the show know that nothing in "Secret And Lies" is black-and-white, and while it might take Cornell a while – a span of 10 episodes to be precise – she will find the real killer. See if you can figure out who killed Kate Warner from the list of characters that will be appearing in Season 2 of "Secrets and Lies":

Eric Warner (Michael Ealy) – Heir apparent to his family's private equity firm and a new husband to Kate.

Danny (Kenny Johnson) – A thuggish lurker, who has the unfortunate habit of showing up at the most badly timed moments.

Patrick Warner (Charlie Barnett) – Younger brother to Eric, Patrick has a lot to gain by sending his older brother to prison.

Melanie Warner (Annalynne McCord) – Wife to Patrick, Melanie is not truly accepted by the Warner family. Moreover, she is too outspoken and inappropriate for her own good.

Amanda Warner (Mekia Cox) – Eric's sister Amanda is a criminal attorney who will reportedly work on trying to get his brother's name cleared as a suspect in Kate's murder.

John Warner (Terry O'Quinn) – A charming and lovable finance magnate, John is father to Eric, Amanda and Patrick.

Neal Oliver (Eric Winter) – Best friend to Eric and a suspect in Kate's murder.