Detective Cornell in 'Secrets and Lies'
Detective Cornell in 'Secrets and Lies'Facebook/Secrets and Lies

When "Secrets and Lies" returns on ABC in September, Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) will bring with her new cast members and storylines.

It has been known for a while that the Crawfords will not return for another season. However, it has now been announced that not only is the thriller series getting re-branded, in terms of characters and script, but will also be aired at a different time and date. 

The season 2 episodes of "Secrets and Lies" will take over "Nashville" time-slot on Wednesdays at 10pm (EST), while the musical series go on a mid-season hiatus. 

The first season of the ABC crime series had focused on the murder of five-year-old Tom, who was the illegitimate son of his neighbour Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), making Ben the prime suspect in the homicide. The season ended with Cornell coming to the conclusion that Ben is taking the blame for his young daughter Abby Crawford (Belle Shouse), who murdered Tom in cold blood. 

Although in the final episode aired on ABC, "The Lie", Cornell had no choice, but to arrest Ben for a murder he did not commit, in a webisode special titled "Cornell: Confidential: 14 Months Later", Ben's elder daughter Natalie (Indiana Evans) makes it clear that she wants to clear her father's name of any allegations with regards to Tom's murder. Although anything following Cornell's conversation with Natalie is not explicitly shown, it can be understood that the truth finally came out. 

With that mystery solved, Cornell moves on to another murder mystery, filled with a new set of suspects and new crimes in season 2 of "Secrets and Lies". The new crime, hopefully with more intel on Cornell's daughter, will be revealed in September 2015.