Audrey and Emma are central characters of "Scream"
Audrey and Emma are central characters of "Scream"Facebook/Scream

Season 2 finale of "Scream" will be aired by MTV on Tuesday, Aug. 16, and the final moments of episode 12 titled "When a Stranger Calls" is expected to determine the fate of the show. Much like Season 1 finale, fans are hoping that the suspense-filled episode will reveal if MTV will renew the crime-thriller for Season 3 or not.

If the network were to merely go by the numbers, the steadily decreasing viewership of "Scream" would guarantee a cancellation after the Season 2 finale. However, the show enjoys an enthusiastic and passionate fan base that wants to see more of the bloody drama series.

There are quite a few petitions for the renewal on and most of these are requests to MTV. However, many petitioners have also asked more people to watch the show on television so that the network will be inspired to renew the show. If we are going by Season 1 practises, however, the upcoming finale will throw light on the renewal.

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The previously aired Season 2 episode 11 of "Scream" had hinted that the identity of the masked killer will be revealed soon According to dedicated fans the three obvious suspects at this point are Eli, Emma and Audrey. While Eli, played by Sean Grandillo is the most plausible suspect, fans of the thriller genre know that it is never the person that is in plain sight.

In "Heavenly Creatures," fans also saw Emma and Audrey getting arrested after picking up the murder weapon. However, the promo for the upcoming "When a Stranger Calls" shows the police car facing an accident. Emma and Audrey panic as they see someone strange and the promo also shows the killer teasing the duo with a bloody knife.

Watch Season 2 episode 12 of "Scream" at 10 p.m. (EST) via MTV. You can also live stream the finale episode titled "When a Stranger Calls" via MTV Live.