On the eve of Christmas, when an entire town is celebrating and having a jolly time, Cabe and his Team Scorpion will work to stop a dam break that can drown the whole town.

Will Team Scorpion be able to save the town from the seemingly inevitable disaster or will Christmas soon turn into dread for them? CLICK HERE to find out.

As the synopsis mentions, on Christmas Eve, the team must stop a dam from breaking and wiping out an entire town after torrential rain puts a crack on the dam.

In the previous episode, titled "The Old College Try", as the team dealt with Megan's death, they stopped a cyber-terrorist from using code written by college students who threatened to shut down the US Federal Reserve if they didn't receive a quarter of a billion in bitcoin in the next 72 hours.

For their mission, they had to go undercover at a local university. Happy went as a sorority pledge, Walter as a visiting drama instructor, Sylvester as a wrestling transfer student, Cabe as a campus security guard and Toby as a professor applying for a position in the Psychology Department headed by a former rival who stole his fiancée.

However, in order to track this unknown hacker and kill the ransomware, they had to get into the school's server which was a highly sophisticated quantum computer.

Meanwhile, Walter conducted an experiment by using Toggle's tank acquired from police evidence storage to prove Ray's firefighting partner's death wasn't Ray's fault.

Ray discovered the submerged tank had liquid glycerin, which, once hardened, prevents any air leakage from the tank. However, it also caused some air bubbles to form around the tank.

The test proved the tank was defective, giving Ray the peace of mind to go back into the world again as he left the Scorpion headquarters.