In the latest episode of CBS' "Scorpion", titled "The Old College Try", it seems Team Scorpion will try their best to find the hacker who has managed to hack into the highly secure Federal Reserve servers.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Team Scorpion goes undercover at a university in order to find a hacker who infiltrates the Federal Reserve and threatens to collapse the global economy.

In the previous episode, titled "Arrivals and Departures", when Walter's parents visited Megan as her condition worsened, the hospital was infected by a fatal fungus outbreak cutting Walter off from his sister and placing the whole team at risk.

Assuming it was stachybotrys, the infectious disease unit searched for a cure but collapsed by spraying the wrong fungicide. It then fell on Scorpion to search for a cure.

Toby examined the gold dust, a natural fungicide, on a cafeteria worker's boots and found that the man cut his leg, becoming a host to Meliola Anfracta, an ancient fungus unearthed in soil.

Sylvester's OCD about using anti-bacterials caused him to grow super-bacteria on his hands that killed the fungus. With help from Ralph and Cabe, who the CDC kept outside, they were able to spread the bacteria through the (fire hose) water standpipes and save those trapped inside.

Walter reached Megan in time to be at her side as she died. Later, he received an email with a video from Megan, telling him he's more than just his brain: He's his heart, and not to be afraid to love.

As a result, Walter began opening up to his estranged parents and held hands with Paige while sharing memories of his beloved sister with his family and friends.