The team is having a hard time at the stormy glaciers of Antarctica, and it seems that in a shocking turn of events, Toby loses his life while saving happy from a raging blizzard in the upcoming episode of CBS' "Scorpion", titled "White Out".

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The synopsis of the episode, as mentioned by, reads: "The team must brave the cold in Antarctica in order to save a US Special Forces unit. Meanwhile, Toby risks his life to find Happy after she gets cut off from the team and lost in a blizzard."

Their mission in Antarctica is reportedly more complicated than they had expected, and with such a unfortunate event, the team will definitely have to struggle hard to not lose track of the case.

In the previous episode titled "Dam Breakthrough," on Christmas Eve, Scorpion received a mission by the DWP at the Augustine Power Station on Mount Baldy, which became critical when a 50-foot pine tree uprooted and crushed the building's wall.

The transformer endangered the power supply of all 100,000 people of the small town next to the dam on Christmas Day if it would have got flooded or short-circuited.

 After the team rebooted the computer and engineered the roof, they noticed a mudslide spilling into the reservoir after torrential rain put a crack in the nearby dam's wall.

Now, they had to stop the dam from breaking and wiping out the town down in the valley by repairing it. Walter dealt with Megan's death by putting her ashes in a coffee can in his glove compartment and by talking to himself.

When Walter lost his pet ferret, he was overwhelmed by the loss and failed to control his emotions in front of other members.

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode, though Toby was seemingly lost in the blizzard while saving Happy, it is still unclear whether he was killed. His fate will be revealed only in the next episode, titled "Sun of a Gun".