Team Scorpion is going to face one of the most horrifying and unbelievable challenges in the snowy regions of Antarctica as they head towards their new mission in the next episode of "Scorpion", titled "White Out".

In the next episode, the members of Scorpion will venture into the interiors of Antarctica, where they might come across an unexpected threat.

According to the synopsis by CBS: In order to save a United States Special Forces unit from certain death, Team Scorpion must brave the subzero temperatures of Antarctica. Also, when Happy becomes cut off from the team and lost in a blizzard, Toby risks his life to find her.

In the previous episode titled "Dam Breakthrough", the team raced against time to save a town from imminent wipe-out as a nearby dam developed a crack and threatened to give away, because it was over-capacity following incessant rain. 

As the team tried everything to keep the holiday season from turning bitter, each solution was complicated by a fresh problem, including Happy getting sucked underwater for a prolonged period of time. 

Things came to a head when the team figured out that they had just minutes to save themselves and the nearby town soaked in Christmas spirit, and decided to pin their hopes on a tsunami bomb, that would reduce the water pressure on the dam by creating a tsunami wave to push a lot of the water mass upstream, to a relatively emptier reservoir.

It did not help that Walter, who had not dealt with Megan's death in a healthy way yet, was starting to mutter to himself.

However, once the team managed to keep the dam from breaching and flooding the town below, Walter had his closure when the rocket he was bulding, to get a grant with which he could fund the research that could cure Megan or preserve her consciousness, finally earned that grant, but Walter decided to honour his siter's memory by sending her ashes into space on the rocket instead.