As Tamil Nadu is facing one of the worst disasters ever, technology has played a major role in helping many with the rescue operations in the South Indian state.

Now, a Kerala-based company has developed a new app that helps in mobilising food and relief supplies in Chennai.

The Android app named 'Scappi for Chennai' helps people to locate supplies and relief camps in Chennai.

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The app is also expected to come in handy for the Indian Army and the government, who are now on a rescue mission in Chennai.

The app, which was developed within three days, can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Get more details on the app from HERE

How it works?

If you are willing to donate suppiles to the victims of Chennai flood, download the app and register with your contact details. Soon, the donations will be collected by government NGOs.

  • Location based
  • Supplies with in radius
  • Call closest supplies / relief centre.
  • Locate people who can donate supplies.
  • Donors with extra supplies can register.
  • Please use with discretion for emergencies.