Scaler Academy

Scaler Academy is an ed-tech platform that has been helping working professionals and college graduates navigate the changing software technology landscape by training them on skills that are sought after by top tech employers. While it was hard to sense the impact that Scaler Academy could bring to the potential aspirants last year, the Scalar Academy's placement numbers for their first batch certainly shows that the model has merit.

97% students of the April 2019 batch have been placed with an average of ₹15.62 annum. Also, 72% of students from the batch are not from Tier 1 engineering colleges. This has brought hope to engineering students, especially from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges, who struggle to find suitable employment. 94 different startups and MNCs, including Amazon, Samsung, Google, Cisco and Oyo have hired Scaler Academy students. An interesting trend to note from their placement numbers is that leading companies are not necessarily looking at hiring only from Tier1 colleges and are instead focusing more on the calibre of the candidate.

Scaler Academy has displayed steady growth this past year in terms of both student enrollment numbers as well as placement statistics. 33 students from the April 2019 batch have received job offers of over INR 25 Lakh per annum. The number also states that the students who had campus offers before joining Scaler Academy have seen their offers double in a year.

The focus of Scaler Academy program is to improve the coding skills of their students and to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the industry requirements by giving students access to industry leaders in the form of mentors. They are also in the process of starting a program that targets the career requirements of mid and senior-level software engineers.

Being one of the first few upskilling and tech recruitment platforms in the country, Scaler Academy has the edge over other players in the industry. The placement figures of the remaining batches will help determine their overall growth journey. Their unique approach to teaching and mentorship has the potential to disrupt the industry.