Naga Chaitanya's first look from Savyasachi
Naga Chaitanya's first look from SavyasachiTwitter

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni has released his first look from his upcoming movie, Savyasachi. The poster of Chandoo Mondeti's directorial featured him with multiple hands. The first look has evoked a lot of curiosity and expectations on the film.

Earlier on March 14, Naga Chaitanya shared the pre-look of Savyasachi on Twitter and announced the release date of the first look. He tweeted, "Chandoo just showed me the 1st look of #Savyasachi and I'm super excited to put it out there.. convinced the team to launch it earlier #SavyasachiFLon16th.. thanks to my entire social media family for keeping the buzz alive.. 16th March it is!!!"

In another tweet, the actor explained the meaning of the movie title — Savyasachi. He shared the poster and wrote, "Just in case you were wondering #SavyaSachi = ambidextrous."

"Savyasachi (Ambidexter), one who can use both hands with equal power and skill. Savyasachi was the fifth name of Arjuna in Mahabharata because he was capable of using bow by both the hands. In the same way, our protagonist in this movie handles circumstances using his power and skill of both the hands equally.(sic)"

Naga Chaitanya, besides tweeting the first look, also wrote, "Here you go guys the first look .. hope you like it #Savyasachi."

The first look of Savyasachi was an instant hit. Many social media users expressed interest in watching the movie after seeing the first look. Now, the poster has gone viral on social media. 

Mallika Mylavarapu‏ @iam_mallika

Looks like he is ready to stand against lot of things for the ones written on his hands .. interesting poster #Savyasachi @chay_akkineni is building up the excitement

Ravikumar‏ @Ravigandha

This is what we want. Intense n powerful look. #Savyasachi #SavyasachiFLon16th

Jyo‏ @JyothsnaPrabhas

The story line is so interesting First look of the movie increased the interest on the film #SavyasachiFirstLook

Kattamuri Bhaskara‏ @chaithhuuu

#SavyasachiFirstLook Superb anna @chay_akkineni eagerly waiting for ur extraordinary mass performance