Savarakathi.PR Handout

For Mysskin, finding an idea for a film usually comes from real life. His latest movie Savarakathi is no exception as he created the main character of a barber from the person whom he knew for years. But he has restricted his role to writing and acting in the film, while his younger brother GD Adithya, who had assisted a few filmmakers earlier, has been assigned the job of directing the film.

Director Ram (Pichai) and Mysskin (Manga) play the leads in the movie. The incidents that happen on one day will be narrated in 114 minutes.

Pichai is a barber and Subathra (Poorna) is his wife, who is expecting her third child. His life is about finding two square meals and he is known as a habitual fibber. On the other side, Manga is on a parole and he has to return the same day to jail before he gets into a quarrel with the barber.

Manga does not believe in forgiving people and desperate to seek revenge against his rivals. What happens when the two of man's strong emotions – telling lies and getting angry to solve a problem – came face-to-face is the best part of the story.

The movie has already garnered positive reviews. Also, Twitterati has given a thumbs-up to the movie. Find out what reviewers and netizens are saying about the movie here:

Sify: Savarakathi might be directed by GR Adithya, but it clearly feels like a Mysskin film. I don't know if it is because they are related. Everything we have come to expect from the director is present probably in a watered-down fashion. While the script has been penned by Mysskin, the cinematic treatment also intrinsically bears his stamp. Savarakathi is probably the closest to what a comedy film by Mysskin would look like.

The Hindu: For a film that thrives on situational comedy, the hard-hitting portions in the second half strike a high note. There are emotional notes as well; a lady is hard of hearing, a groom-to-be who is physically challenged and a tea seller who cannot speak.

Prashanth Rangaswamy

#Savarakathi - Serious movie lovers and Myskkin / Ram fans - Not even a penny of yours will be wasted. A lesson about how to make a budget movie. Will bring out all the best emotions in you. Go watch with a light heart, you will come out with a light but heavy one!

Rajasekar: #Savarakathi - Mysskin once again proves why he is one of the best writers we have in modern Tamil cinema. Though the film begins as a dark comedy, Mysskin slowly converts it into a poignant drama glorifying humanity. Loved it

#Savarakathi interval - Ennaya panni vachurukeenga? Serious padamnu vanthaa scene by scene laughter. Looks like director Ram and Mysskin had so much fun acting !! Interval twist ultimate.

#Savarakathi - It takes time to get in sync with the eccentricities of Mysskin and @Director_Ram 's characters but towards the intermission, things fall in place and starting from that point, there is no looking back. Go for it

Kaushik LM

#Savarakathi 1st half - A wacky attempt where the comedy is very dramatic and physical. The characters are loud and over the top. Interval block is a nice clapworthy touch. Rowdy #Mysskin, barber #Ram driving the play..

#Savarakathi - A superb 2nd half
My rating 3.5/5.. Detailed review soon.. Do watch

#Savarakathi - 3.5/5. Is mostly an enjoyable, over the top comedy with loud, dramatic characters. The emotional touches in the 2nd half work in a big way! Actor - writer #Mysskin & actor #Ram score big time. Composer @ArrolCorelli is another outperformer.
Small budget, big win

#Savarakathi - 3.5/5. #Mysskin proves that he can also write comedy, funny situations well. Though he acts as a violent rowdy who mostly bashes ppl around, what he does will make you laugh. As always, he's an expert at touching emotions! His bro Director Adithya makes a grt debut

S Abishek

#Savarakathi is that kind of a film where, you'll feel the style to be overpowering, but give it some time to grow on you, the whole funda works well! Debutant #Aadhithya has hit the right buzzer.