In commemoration of International Yoga Day, Saudi Yoga Committee participated in India's 100 days countdown campaign leading to the big day on June 21. Now, the committee, in collaboration with the Asian Yoga Therapy Association in Singapore, will host the first virtual International Yoga Therapy Conference in Saudi Arabia.

At the three-day conference, experts from various countries will highlight and discuss the therapeutic and scientific aspects of yoga practice on the body and mind. Experts from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, Japan, the US, and Europe are expected to join the virtual conference, where they will discuss the benefits of yoga for various health issues, including mental health, neurological disorders, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular health, women's health, and rheumatic disease.

Burgeoning yoga awareness in Saudi Arabia; commences 81-day countdown to IDY-2022

Speaking about the conference, Saudi Yoga Committee president Nouf Marwaai said: "We are delighted to announce our first virtual International Yoga Therapy Conference from 1-3 June 2022. There would be eminent speakers and dignitaries from around the world gracing this occasion. Through multiple academic plenary sessions and panel discussions spread over three days, the physicians, scientists, and yoga experts (will) present medical and scientific studies and discuss the modalities and the practice of yoga for health and quality of life."

Yoga has been in practice in India since the 5th century. It is beneficial in keeping the body and mind in good health as it targets different systems of the body and mind in a holistic approach. The asanas practised in yoga make the body strong and flexible, improving the overall health of the body all while renewing the mind with confidence.

100-day countdown to International Yoga Day

Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga under the Ministry of Ayush organised Yoga Mahotsav 2022 to commemorate 100 days countdown to International Day of Yoga 2022, the 8th edition. The ministry also started a campaign "100 days, 100 cities and 100 organisations" between March 13, 2022, to June 21, 2022, across the globe.

Saudi Yoga Committee participated in the 100 days countdown campaign to International Day of Yoga 2022, which commenced on March 13. The government body that acts as a federation established by the Saudi Arabia Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sports, to promote yoga in the country, has been actively promoting yoga in the country and has had immense success.

Nouf Al-Marwaai
Nouf Al-MarwaaiWikimedia Commons

Saudi Yoga Committee announced the launch of 81 days yoga awareness program in Saudi Arabia on April 1. Al-Marwaai made the announcement at a virtual event, which was held to give a wider promotion and publicity to various dimensions of yoga and promote the 100 days countdown campaign to International Day of Yoga 2022 under the theme "Health, Well-being and World Peace."

Al-Marwaai highlighted in her speech that yoga is expanding remarkably in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its importance in physical health. She added that thousands of yoga trainers and practitioners are spread across the kingdom.