Saudi Princesses
Two Saudi Princesses, being kept in captive for 13 years, told Channel 4 news that they are isolated and cut off from the worldYouTube Screenshot/Channel4

Two Saudi Arabia Princesses, who are allegedly being kept captive, have told President Barack Obama that its "horrendous, you're cut off, you're isolated, you feel alone".

According to the princesses, four grown women have been locked up by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  

Princesses Sahar, Jawaher, Maha and Hala have been imprisoned by their father King Abdullah for more than 13 years. While Sahar and Jawaher are kept in the royal compound in Jeddah, Maha and Hala are held in a different villa.

All the four princesses are not allowed to leave their home or travel.  

The princesses in an interview with Channel 4 news via skype said that the security around them has increased since the time the news about them being locked up went public.

The princesses said that they are not allowed to communicate outside their gate "no-one is allowed in or out" and their only way of communication is internet.

"You feel alone. It's psychologically tormenting. Its traumatic experience. I can't find the right words to explain," one of the princesses told Channel 4.

The news went public when the ex-wife of King Abdullah and the mother of the princesses, Princess Alanoud Al Fayez, pleaded for help.

Al Fayez married King Abdullah when she was 15. She gave birth to four daughters Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher. They had a privileged childhood, until their father divorced Al Fayez.

Al Fayez during the interview told Channel 4 that she has not seen her daughters for a decade.   

President Obama visited Saudi Arabia on Friday to meet King Abdullah to mend the relationship that has been affected due to differences over Iran, Syria and Egypt.

When the princesses came to know that about President Obama's visit they said: "He should be ashamed to meet a leader that has four grown women locked up just because he wants to."

"Well actually any leader I think meeting with the King or any Saudi official is responsible for what is happening in Saudi Arabia."

Meanwhile, the Saudi embassy in London has responded to the issue saying it's a private matter.