Saudi Arabia mosque bombing
Saudi Arabia mosque bombingReuters

A terror attack at a mosque in Saudi Arabia on Friday killed at least two people and wounded seven others.  

The Imam Rida Mosque in Saudi Arabia's al-Ahsa region was attacked during the Friday prayers , and gunfire was also reported, the country's interior ministry said.

According to the ministry, two suicide bombers attempted to enter the mosque when they were stopped by authorities. However, one of the militants managed to detonate his explosive vest at the entrance of the mosque, the ministry spokesperson said, according to the Saudi Press Agency

"When security men stopped them, one blew himself up at the entrance of the mosque and there was an exchange of fire with the other. He was wounded and arrested wearing an explosive belt," the spokesperson said. 

Last year, two deadly blasts at Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia had killed scores of worshippers. 

The Islamic State had claimed the attacks.